Monday, July 27, 2009

J.Crew Catalog August 2009/I Was Right

J.Crew's August 2009 catalog came in the mail today, and aside from the fact that I WANT EVERY SINGLE THING IN IT and that I want the model from the men's section to walk out of the pages and become my well-dressed, WASP-y husband, the whole catalog was shot in Monterey County in (thebeststateever) California! Monterey County, as in the county that contains Big Sur!

If you think that that place sounds somewhat familiar, it's because I made a post about Big Sur in June! I knew that Big Sur was adorable, and so does J.Crew, which really just proves that I am right and that whenever you read about something here and you aren't sure if it is actually adorable or not, you can just remember this and stop doubting the cuteness.

And now I just really want to go camping in Big Sur or at Lake Tahoe and I want to go on a road trip that is more significant than the tiny, sort-of road trip I am going on this week. Like a real road trip to the Grand Canyon or Niagra Falls or Mount Rushmore, or just anywhere, really!

Love, Jillian

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