Friday, July 3, 2009

Geometric Fields Dress

The July Anthropologie catologue came in the mail yesterday, and it was full of beautiful things! I have been too busy doing really important things like going to yoga and the beach and watching a lot of crime dramas on TV to check the website religiously, so I hadn't discovered this!

Isn't it WONDERFUL?! I want it more than words can express. Plus, "Geometric Fields Dress" is such a pretty name! Fields make me think of frolicking and happiness, except I would probably never frolic in a field in this dress, because it costs $498. That is not a typo! But I still wish it would magically appear in my closet, and that I could somehow erase the knowledge of the price from my brain. Even the back of it is pretty!

I really like the exposed zipper, even though I would totally get the floaty skirt-part stuck in it. Sadly, I will never own this dress unless it goes on super-sale for like $50, because 1) I am basically broke at this point, and 2) I don't think I could ever part with that much money in one go, except for rent. But I have a dress that is plaid and the same colors and I found it in a thrift store, so it was a lot cheaper. Once I get it back from the tailor (I love getting things tailored!), it will be super-cute, and when I wear it, I will pretend that I am wearing the Geometric Fields Dress.

Love, Jillian

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