Saturday, July 25, 2009

Maia Hirasawa

María is really into all things Swedish, so over the years I have been exposed to a lot of adorable Swedish things, especially adorable Swedish-girl indie-pop. Hello Saferide and Frida Hyöven and El Pero Del Mar and Lykke Li and I could go on and on are all adorable (I'm pretty sure that María has plans to write posts on all of these), and they are all adorable girls who sing adorable songs, but they are all so... blonde. I don't know why, but even though I can recognize that they are all adorable, they just don't make my head explode with cuteness. Maia Hirasawa does!!

I admit that I am probably biased and that part of the reason why I love her so much is because she is Swedish and Japanese and I am really down with European-Asian mixes because I am one and so I could theoretically do things like eat rice and seaweed and raw fish and pasta and sausage and cabbage all day and have them all be foods of my people! Although, those are probably not very good when you mix them all up like that, and most of those foods put me on the fast track to diabetes and/or a heart attack. Ideally, I would also throw in a little bit of the food of María's people, because I basically crave it constantly (this is why I need the snack bed!). The point is, Maia Hirasawa is still insanely cute regardless of whether or not you are biased like I am!

Her album Though, I'm Just Me is full of adorable lyrics sung in her adorable Swedish accent, like these lyrics from "Mattis & Maia": Mattis and Maia go travelling again/ maybe to another state, or maybe to Japan/ It might be warmer there/ or it might be prettier/ It might be easier/ definitely quieter, somewhere else. That is definitely my favorite song on her album, but I am a sucker for anything in 3/4 because I guess the waltz-y feel just makes it sound extra cute to me!

Though, I'm Just Me is full of other adorable songs, like "Still June," and the adorable lyrics to "Gothenberg" (another song in 3/4) rival all of the other cute lyrics I have written about on this blog. It is so orchestral and sweet and wonderful and makes me want to go live in Gothenberg/Gothenburg/Göteborg even though I had never heard of that city until like two minutes ago! Her video for "And I Found This Boy" is full of adorable dancing, and "My New Friend" makes me want to giggle with all the cuteness and hand clapping. Basically, if I keep writing, I will end up listing every single song on the album, so you might as well just go hear it for yourself!!

Love, Jillian

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