Friday, July 3, 2009

Black Cab Sessions

I am currently sitting in my sister's bedroom with unbrushed hair and a shirt that I have decided is actually a dress. This is because my parents' house has been invaded by seventeen year old boys who have probably devoured everything in our kitchen by now and who up until maybe 30 minutes ago were all asleep in various rooms. And since there is no quiet anywhere in my house now, I am sitting up here telling myself that it means I don't have to actually do anything with my life today. This is similar to the kind of day I was having when I first found the Black Cab Sessions website.

Black Cab Sessions are basically little performances that take place inside, well, obviously, a black cab. Their motto is "one song, one take, one cab" which I think sounds sort of silly. Some of these performances end up sounding really nice, actually. And it's such a silly/fun idea that once I spent all morning watching them. I think I really like watching how performers use the tiny space. Charlie Siem sits on the floor so that he and his violin will fit, The Cool Kids use the actual cab, and some bands look like they've been stuffed into the cab.

I really like the Jens Lekman session. He sings "Black Cab" which is oh-so ironic, har har. But it's also really cute, I think. And there's also one with Lykke Li which is just plain cute because she's in it. There's the one with Laura Marling, which I mentioned is how I discovered her music. Bill Callahan did one, and watching it reminded me of how I used to have this huge crush on him when I was barely fifteen. And how once I saw him play and got hassled by a cop outside of the Chicago Theatre as we waited for Christopher's parents.

You should all know by now, that Slow Club are Flower-Farm favorites. In their video, they sing "Christmas TV" and of course, it's totally precious. Emmy the Great and St. Vincent, are of course super charming. There's also Beach House, which I used to like watching. Anyway, there are tons of them and I can't talk about all of them. You should probably just watch them and pick your own favorites.

Love, María

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  1. have you ever seen the swedish show that makes people play in a random elevator in the middle of a field that just goes up and down? it's so funny!