Thursday, July 2, 2009

Coeur de Pirate

Apparently, folksy-girl-pop has been really big with us this past week. I'm sure it'll stop but for now here's another female vocalist I like. Béatrice Martin is the cute Québécoise behind Coeur de Pirate. She's been playing piano since she was three and is now barely eighteen. Even though I've known about her for quite a while, I hadn't actually listened to more than three songs until last week. Now that I have, I like her. Her self-titled album is full of charming songs and it doesn't hurt that she is pretty adorable herself. Before really listening to her music, I decided to take a look at her videos. Boy, are they cute!

The video for "Ensemble" is just plain cute. The clothes are cute, the boys are cute, the girls are cute, and there is double the amount of Coeur de Pirate. It makes me have one of those "Oh, I wish that was my life!" moments that make no sense and usually happen when I'm watching the Korean show we are addicted to with Jillian and Melissa.

The video for "Comme Des Enfants" makes me feel very much the same way. It's so precious! And even though I know that what Coeur de Pirate is actually singing about isn't so adorable or precious, I still just want to smile and keep watching them.

Love, María

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