Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Moustache Pencils

My friend Alex posted this on my other friend Alex's wall the other day, and Facebook was all like, "Hey, Jillian, look at this!" So, I did! And it was hilarious/adorable. I really want these pencils because 1) they have moustaches, which are adorable when fake or drawn on, and 2) they remind me of being on the train to Amsterdam when I had just recovered from mono and didn't have to be a social outcast anymore, and Alex and Alex had drawn moustaches on their fingers and we all thought it was the funniest thing ever.

Let's keep in mind that these two Alexes are neither the baby turtle Alex, nor are they the Architecture In Helsinki Alex. Apparently there was some sort of unwritten rule in the late eighties that stated that everyone had to name their first-born son "Alex." This is why I put everyone's last name on my contact list on my cell phone.

Obviously, I really need these pencils for school in September. It's really important to have a good pencil, and since these are adorable and provide you with five different moustaches to disguise yourself with, I can only conclude that they must also be really nice pencils to write with. Hopefully they are as nice as the pencils that the Kaplan testing people hand out in our campus center. If they aren't I guess I can just draw moustaches on those pencils with a Sharpie or something.

Love, Jillian

P.S. I think you all want to take a look at this as well.