Saturday, July 11, 2009

La Bien Querida

Remember when I said I'd eventually stop posting about cute girls who sing folksy-poppy-sad-sad songs? I lied. I'm sure I will actually stop soon, though. Because there are only so many of these kinds of songs I can listen to before I go running back to indie pop all the time. Last night I listened to Cat Power, and that means that this whole thing is about to be over sooner than I thought. Good? We'll see.

Until that happens, I'll just keep going with these posts. So, here's La Bien Querida. Ana Fernández-Villaverde started this project sometime in 2005. In 2oo7 she released Maqueta and suddenly everyone was just waiting for her to release a real album. I wasn't sure if I was in love with La Bien Querida, but I was in love with her song "Ya no." In fact, that was the song I immediately thought of when I heard Natalia Lafourcade's "No viniste" And then there are songs like "El actor del año" or "Actitudes espectrales" which are just really sweet and sad. I liked Maqueta but, finally, earlier this year Romancero was released and I somehow found it.

has a lot of the songs that were on Maqueta. A lot of people who were waiting for this album ended up being really disappointed with the way the songs were changed. That's why I was trying not to think about how much I'd liked the first version of "Ya no" when I listened to this album. The new version is probably better than the first, but I don't think I can choose which one I like best. That's not the case with all the songs. The newer version of "El zoo absoluto" sounds almost ridiculous to me. There's way too much going on. And "9.6" is just a song I try to skip over. But other than those, I really like the album. I'm glad I finally listened to it because there are also new songs that I've fallen in love with. "A.D.N" is definitely one of my favorite songs. The best part is when Joe Crepúsculo comes into the track; it's just so perfect. In "Los estados generales" Ana Fernández sings: que tengas claro que no voy a competir /a tus amigas se lo digo desde aquí /las olimpiadas no se hicieron para mí, which is so good and so sad and sounds perfect in her voice. The whole thing was really worth the wait.

Love, María

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