Saturday, October 31, 2009


Hey guys, it's HALLOWEEN! Kewl. I am really not very excited because I don't have a real costume. But, if I could be anything for Halloween, I'd want to be CL from 2NE1. Seriously. I love this band. All I listened to while writing my really horrible Spanish Senior Sem paper last week was 2NE1. I love K-Pop! Okay, maybe I just love select K-Pop.

But, guys, these girls are so cute! Seriously. Jillian wrote about their song "Lollipop" but there are so many other gems on that album. So basically these 4 girls just make some of the cutest songs ever. They are upbeat and catchy and sometimes they have really intense lyrics that I can't actually understand until I watch videos with subtitles. Maybe I should start learning Korean.

All the girls in 2NE1 are super cute, but CL is definitely my favorite. When I first watched the video for "Lollipop" I thought Bom was my favorite because she always wear the cutesiest things but CL is so sassy. That's why I know I like CL best. She can also speak Japanese, Korean, French and English fluently! She is so cute but still super sassy and I wish I were her and not just for Halloween. Melissa really likes MinJi, and I can't deny how super precious she is. She's also only 15! I wish I had been in a cool girl group when I was 15! They all wear super precious things that only look super precious because they're the ones wearing them. Dara is the only person who could pull off that weird hairstyle from the "Lollipop" video, and only CL could wear a weird leotard paired with a vest and tights and look cool. Seriously though, yesterday, our friend Michelle taught us the word for cute in Korean and if I could remember what it was I would use it to describe 2NE1.

I really like all the songs on their mini-album. Plus, I wish I lived in Korea so that I could've bought the actual album because it comes in this really cool case. I've been listening to their songs over and over to see if I can choose favorites, but it is really hard. I originally wanted the album so that I could listen to "Lollipop" but after I got it, I realized that there are so many other good songs on it. "I Don't Care" has really upsetting lyrics, but it is such a good song. Plus, since I can't actually understand Korean, I don't have to pay attention to how sad they are all the time. "Fire" is SO good. Plus they do this really cute dance in the videos for the song. I also really like "Let's Go Party" but I guess my least favorite is "In the Club" It's just not as good. I'm still not sure how I feel about "Stay Together" but I'm gonna keep listening to it and figure it out.

Basically, this mini-album is really good and I can't wait until they release a full-length album next year. I know that I love twee and indie pop but lately I can't listen to it all the time because sometimes those songs are really cute but also really heartbreaking. So I just keep listening to 2NE1 because it is just catchy and I can think about how cute they are and don't have to deal with understanding how sad the lyrics are. That sounds kinda stupid, but it's not! Anyway, I have been at Haffner for way too long now. I think it's time to end this post and finally leave.

Love, María

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I've been trying to finish up some posts but it's been really hard. Mostly, because ever since I started, all I wanna do is listen to Fantasía Pop or watch weird videos with Melissa. Now, Melissa is home for her sister's wedding and I am all alone. I've spent my time crying and writing letters to Korean popstars that sound something like: Dear Big Bang & 2NE1, Please come to the US. Come play a show near Philly so that I can charm you, become best friends with you/marry one of you... just kidding guys! I don't write letters like that! I just proofread the ones Melissa writes and make sure she uses at least 3 of the 10(?) Korean words we know.

ANYWAY, the weather hasn't been so nice lately. It's rainy and gross and I don't like it. Mostly because I don't own the right clothes/shoes for this weather and because I also no longer have an umbrella. I also don't like rain because I hate when it gets on my glasses. Life is hard. What I do like about the weather is that it's been getting a little colder. That makes me happy because I love cold weather! When it starts to get colder I always begin to crave things like soup and one of my favorite things ever: ATOLE.

I really just love Atole. It's basically this drink made from cornstarch and a bunch of good stuff. You can make different flavors on your own or just buy packages that you just add milk and sugar too. Now, I'm not gonna lie, I kinda love the Maizena Strawberry atole. It is totally not as good as homemade stuff but it's pink and I've loved it since I was teeny tiny and I can't help liking it. I even noticed that they changed the shade of pink this summer when I made it at home. Seriously, it's different. Other than that though, I have real favorites. One of them is my mother's guayaba atole. It is perfect. I am not joking, it is really that good. Everyone in my house loves it and this summer we kept asking her to make more. Sadly, my mom has other things to do besides make atole, so sometimes she'd say no. Once I tried to make it and it really just didn't turn out as delicious. Sad.

My other favorite kind of atole is champurrado. It is all cinnamon-y and chocolate-y and full of all this really great stuff. It's delicious. And it goes so well with tamales! I am sad that I haven't found a good place for tamales in Philadelphia. In Chicago, or in Mexico, there is always someone selling tamales and atole on the street, and that's usually the best champurrado ever. Seriously. Sipping champurrado from styrofoam cups and devouring warm tamales on the street is on my list of favorite things.

Some of my other favorite flavors are tamarindo and nuez. There are tons of flavors though and you can basically make atole out of anything you think might be good. I've also heard tons of really funny/cute Mexican proverbs with atole in them. Oh, atole, I miss you! Okay, now I am just sad that I don't have any atole or tamales. I am going to go back to reading my paper for the 900th time.

Love, María

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I had a really horrible day and I thought I was going to cry for 90% of it. BUT I made it to all my classes! And now I am sipping lemonade in my room and writing a blogpost, so that must mean things are looking up. Sometimes, I really just want to listen to Mexican pop music because it makes me feel better. Or it just makes me want to sing along. That's one of the reasons why I like Belanova. They aren't the best band ever or anything, but I really like them. I've wanted to write this post for a long time but I kept stopping. Now that I'm actually writing a post about them, I decided that I'll just write a post that's mostly about their last album, Fantasía Pop, or else this blog post would be way too long.

Belanova is a Mexican electropop group. I first started listening to them after I saw them on TV all the time. I remember one of their videos would play all the time when we were in SLP visiting my grandparents one year. At home, we only have cable so that we can get like 1000 channels in Spanish. This is mostly because without these channels we wouldn't get to watch Mexican soccer, and I don't know what would happen then. Because everyone in our house knows that there is no talking if the soccer game is on, it's sick. Anyway, because we get 1000 channels in Spanish and a lot of these are music channels, I sometimes watched them when I was getting ready. Belanova was on ALL THE TIME. So, it was pretty inevitable that I just continued to listen to them.

Fantasía Pop is so good because I can listen to it all the time and never get sick of it. It was released in 2007, and ever since then, it's been on my computer and I play it when I feel like listening to really good pop songs. The first song I ever heard by them isn't on this album, it's called "Por Ti" and I could dance to that song all the time. I have been listening to it all day and I am not sick of it. The girls next door probably are though.

My favorite song on Fantasía Pop is definitely "Vestida De Azul" it is just so perfect. Some people think it sounds like a Julieta Venegas song. Maybe, maybe not. Denisse's voice is just so cute and almost squeaky sometimes. It makes me happy. "Dulce Fantasía" is also really good, when she sings "sabes que me duele no encontrarte/sabes que es dificil que ya no estás" my heart kinda breaks. "Rockstar" is so electropoppy and has clapping and silliness. "Bye Bye" is what I listen to sometimes when I'm putting clothes away. It is all "my life is so hard!" but also really dancey. Also, all the lyrics in "Cada Que..." are perfect pop song lyrics like "y cada que pienso en ti/se enciende mi corazón/y nada es más triste que hoy/hablar de ti" how sad! I even like "Toma Mi Mano" which isn't upbeat but is still really good.

The video for "Baila Mi Corazón" is probably the best video they've ever done. It is just completely precious. I like it better than the video for "Por Ti" simply because look at all those pretty colors! Denisse is so cute! And everything looks like it's made out of paper, kewl. I just wish I was precious enough to wear those teeny tiny cutesy outfits. I just want to have a cute little band!

Now I'm sure that A LOT of people really hate Belanova. Sometimes people think they are annoying, or just not very good, well, I just don't agree. They are so precious that I can't not love them. They are silly and poppy and heartachey and cute. Okay, maybe a tad bit annoying, but that's not totally a bad thing. So if you don't like them, sucks for you. And if you just want to listen to some precious Spanish pop songs, go listen to them now!

Love, María

PS: I knew this blogpost was gonna be too long. Sorry, guys!

Andrew Bird w/ St. Vincent at the Electric Factory

On Sunday night, Maggie, Zanny, and I went to Andrew Bird's concert at the Electric Factory in Philly! It was pretty awesome. I have really wanted to go to another Andrew Bird concert ever since I saw him back in January/February (I can't remember which month it was, because it was either right at the end of January or the very beginning of February), and the fact that he is now touring with St. Vincent gave me a reason to go.

St. Vincent played all of the songs we wanted her to play ("Now, Now," "The Strangers," and "Actor Out of Work"), and obviously Andrew Bird was just as precious as he always is and did a lot of that adorable little head-shake/nod thing he does all the time. But probably the best part was when he brought St. Vincent and her band all back on stage and they played the most amazing version of "Scythian Empires," complete with flutes and clarinets and tons of adorableness.

I know I have a lot of friends who think that Andrew Bird is their perfect man and that they are going to marry him (at least four), but it was just really obvious that Andrew Bird and Annie Clark are totally in love. Before he had her come back out on stage to play "Scythian Empires," he made this little speech about how this has been the best tour ever because he gets to hang out and "jam" with Annie, and then for the encore, he brought out St. Vincent again, and they played "Marry Me" together while totally staring at each other. She may as well have changed the lyrics to "marry me, Andrew." So, sorry everyone. They are probably going to get married and have tons of super-skinny, musically gifted babies.

Love, Jillian

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Food Porn Daily

Okay, I know what you are thinking, and that is that anything with "porn" in its name totally does not belong on Flower Farm. But, you are wrong. When Anisha first showed it to me, I wasn't sure if writing a post about this website was appropriate for Flower Farm because the food that is mostly involved falls into the non-precious food category (i.e. it does not involve pink frosting and sprinkles). Then I realized that 1) this website is too good to NOT write about it, and 2) there are totally pictures of tiny little desserts and cupcakes on the website, so it totally qualifies as adorable.

Red Velvet Cake w/ Cream Cheese Frosting

The website I am talking about is Food Porn Daily, and it is basically the most perfect website I have ever seen in my life. Every day, a new, giant, beautiful photograph of delicious food is posted. That's it. You can click on each picture to see the picture from the day before it, and other than submitting a photo of your own, that is all you can do. And why would you want to do anything else?! Their motto is "click, drool, repeat," and that is exactly what I did for at least an hour last night after coming back from the gym.

Because I have already been through every picture of every delicious dish on Food Porn Daily, I will share with you some of my favorites that I stole (yes, I save my favorite pictures on my computer, so what?).

Potato, Leek, Spinach & Bacon Soup

Moist Delicious Pumpkin Pie w/ Whipped Cream

Caprese Salad Skewers

Fried Green Tomato, Crimini, Mache, Poached Egg & Mustard-Basil Creme Fraiche

Aren't you so hungry now?! But aren't you also so glad that beautiful, delicious, perfect food like this exists?! I guess sometimes I forget that, because even though our dining halls are not too bad, they are nowhere near as wonderful as these things. Every time I look at this website, it only enhances my constant and intense cravings for things like corned beef, bacon, chorizo, and poached eggs. Apparently, I do not have enough protein in my diet. But Food Porn Daily will kind of help me out (or make me crazy) by reminding me of all the wonderful things I will be able to make in my adorable kitchen when I get an adorable apartment!

Love, Jillian

Big Bang Ice Cream Video

Normally, I wouldn't share any of the crazy Korean videos we are weirdly in love with. But, c'mon, this is full of really cute things like ice cream and pretty clothes. Plus, I might just not care because I'm really distracted by all the pretty pastel colors.

I don't think I need to say anything else.

Love, María

Monday, October 19, 2009

Jonathan Johansson

All I have been able to listen to lately is Swedish music. Something amazing/terrible happened to my brain when María, Melissa, and I went to see Asobi Seksu with Anna Ternheim and Loney, Dear at Johnny Brenda's on Saturday night, and ever since then I feel incomplete if there is not Swedish music in the background of my life. I am not even exaggerating, I stayed up until after three last night just because I didn't want to have to be asleep and not be able to consciously listen to Swedish music anymore.

I blame this on the fact that while we were trying to buy time at Honey's before going back out in the freezing rain to walk the ten-ish blocks to the show, I drank three full cups of coffee and caffeine does really weird things to me, especially when I haven't had it in a long time. But it is also due to the fact that Swedish pop is the sweetest, most perfect and precious and heartbreakingly adorable music to ever exist!

A really great example of this is Jonathan Johansson. For now, I've been able to listen to his album En hand i himlen for free, but I'm pretty sure that only lets you listen to things for free so many times, and I've already listened to the album three times today. It is just so perfect that I can't stop! I think that this one review of some Swedish band I read put it perfectly when they said that the melodies and music in Swedish pop all fit together so perfectly, but the songs also sound so delicate that even if you only changed one note, you feel like the song would just break like a tiny little glass figurine.

Even though I can't understand anything he is saying, Jonathan Johansson's songs make me feel all sorts of warm and fuzzy and heartbreaking feelings! En hand i himlen even made me laugh when I first realized that "Alla vil ha hela världen" is definitely a cover of Tears for Fears' "Everybody Wants to Rule the World." "Sent för oss" is dance-y and perfect and even though the whole album makes me feel warm and fuzzy and cuddly and happy, "Innan vi faller" makes me feel that way even more. "Du sa" is just so perfect that I can't even put it into words.

In a way, I think that it is a good thing that I don't understand Swedish, because if the songs sound this precious and perfect to me now, I would probably just be completely debilitated by the adorableness of what he is actually saying, and I would probably never be able to leave my room again because I would be too busy not sleeping and listening to Jonathan Johansson all the time while crying because of all of the perfect, sad, precious, happy, adorable things it makes me think about. I guess that giant sentence just shows you how extra-insane caffeine makes me--I had coffee last night and again just now.

Love, Jillian

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Pains of Being Pure at Heart, Part II

Almost 2 weeks ago, I finally saw The Pains of Being Pure at Heart play a show. Before that though, they released their Higher Than The Stars EP. And if you follow any music blog, which actually I don't really, you'll see that they've been releasing stuff all over the place since their full-length album. Plus, even though I already wrote a pretty lengthy post about them, I figured it was worth it to write about this EP and their show.

Higher Than The Stars has four songs and a remix on it. I almost said "it's short and sweet" but that sounds stupid. Plus, like the Pains, it's not really as saccharine as a lot of the other stuff I listen to/write about. But I do really like the EP. The title track has such perfectly POBPAH lyrics and when Kip Berman sings "in the back of her mother's car" over and over I just wanna sing along. Both the title track and "Falling Over" are almost dreamy sounding tracks compared to other Pains stuff. I still really like them. But I really love the noisiness of "103" because I'm pretty sure the fuzzed out pop started my love for this band. "Twins" is sort of in between, noisier but maybe a little catchier. The Saint Etienne remix of "Higher Than The Stars" is a nice ending to the EP, but maybe that's just because I also love Saint Etienne. There's also another remix of this track which is not on this EP. That remix is done by Skanfrom (the guy from Television Set and Sleeparchive) and for a bit I thought I might like that better. I'm not really sure now.

Anyway, after listening to the Pains forever, and missing their shows all the time, I finally made it to one. I went with our friend Melissa, and we showed up way too early. Then we met up with our friend Maggie, who is actually in this Sociology class at Bryn Mawr about popular music. The show was, basically, uh, research, because Kip was going to her class the next day. The Depreciation Guild opened for the Pains, and I actually really like them, so it was nice. Then they finally came on and for a little I could only think of how precious Peggy Wang is. She seriously is, guys. Even moreso in person, when she's wearing my dream flower print 90s jumper dress. It was Kip's birthday and he was really precious about it. I liked their set, and even though one of the guys in front of me smelled like Smirnoff Ice, all was good. I love the Pains of Being Pure at Heart, and I was just really glad to finally go to a show. They are just so good and so adorable! At the end Kip almost fell and almost poured a his drink on me. But c'mon guys, he's so precious that I just sort of shook my head.

According to Maggie, Kip was super precious in class. And he mentioned a bunch of my favorite bands, which I had just shared with Maggie at Burger Friday. At the show, Maggie's professor had mentioned that Kip Berman's mom was also coming to their class, saying something like "I've had rockstars come to class, but I've never had the mothers of rockstars come to class..." Well, apparently, it just made everything extra cute.

On the way back to Bryn Mawr, Melissa and I took some really ridiculous pictures. I really hate pictures, but the show put me in a good mood. The Pains of Being Pure at Heart don't always put me in a good mood, but I really just love them.

Love, María

Friday, October 16, 2009


In case you couldn't tell from my fall and summer season-posts, I think that baseball is pretty adorable. I am really bad about actually paying attention to it until the postseason, but then I get excited when I randomly catch a game on TV.

I think the reason I have so many warm and fuzzy feelings about baseball is partly because my grandma loves the Yankees more than life, and because of Maple Valley.

When we lived in Delaware, we would go to the Maple Valley pool every day in the summer. I was on their swim team for five or six summers (I can't even remember, I did it every summer), and after practice in the morning, I would basically just stay there for the rest of the day. We used to walk to Wendy's in giant packs to get Frosties and fries, or we would hang out by the picnic tables and eat pizza that people would order, and if it was cloudy or during adult swim, we would go to the field behind the deck and play baseball!

One of my friends in middle school's dad always had tickets to the Padres' games, so I probably went to every home game of theirs the summer between seventh and eighth grade. I've never felt any particular attachment to the Padres because people in my family all like the Yankees, so all I remember from those games is wandering around the stadium and eating too many hot dogs and thinking about how precious baseball uniforms are.

Something NOT cute happened to me last night involving baseball. Maggie, María, and I were watching the Phillies/Dodgers game last night, and two freshmen kicked us out of the Pem East TV room so they could watch some ridiculous show that they had "reserved" the room for. I think was called "Supernatural." I am too mad to look up what that show even is, but it sounds stupid.

This makes me angry for three reasons.

1)When I was a freshman, if I had walked into a TV room and seen that it was full of seniors (they know Maggie and I are seniors because we work with them), I would have just gone to find another TV, because THEY WERE SENIORS AND I WAS A FRESHMAN.

2) At Bryn Mawr, people put little notes on the doors to the TV rooms to reserve them for whatever shows you happen to watch. So, it's not uncommon to see little notes that say the room is reserved every Thursday or Tuesday or whatever, for an hour or so. However, it's fall break, so it's perfectly reasonable to assume that the people who reserved the TV room are not going to be using it, since the whole campus basically empties out every break and everyone goes back to New Jersey or Connecticut or New York or whichever super-close-to-here state they are from. I guess what I am trying to say is that during break, reservations are no longer valid.

3) Baseball games happen in REAL LIFE. Once they are over, that's it! I watch two TV shows regularly, but I just watch them an hour after they air on my computer in my room. Life is easier that way. Once a TV show has aired, you can still watch it later and it will still be interesting exciting. Sports don't work that way at all.

It was just really disappointing because we basically missed the best part of the game. When we got kicked out of the room, the Dodgers were winning 1 - 0. When we got it back an hour later, the Phillies were winning 5 - 1. In between, we were wandering around campus in the rain, looking for an available TV, and then sitting in Maggie's room constantly refreshing and screaming obscenities and imagining all of the horrible tasks we could give these girls at the cafe when we have them on shift (I actually still kind of want to do this) because we were missing awesome things.

But in spite of all the horribleness, the point here is that baseball is adorable. I guess I didn't do a very good job of explaining why, but it just is. Like last night, I didn't think that I really had a preference for either team, but then I found myself getting really excited and happy every time the Dodgers scored and getting nervous when the score got close. It is just really precious, and I am excited to watch the Yankees/Angels game tonight. And this time I'm not going to give up the TV room.

Love, Jillian

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Taken By Trees

Victoria Bergsman is incredibly cute. She is also the reason I began listening to the Concretes. Her voice is one of the reasons I loved them so much. So in 2006, when she left the band to pursue a solo career I wasn't really worried that it wouldn't work out for her. And while I love Maria Eriksson and Lisa Milberg, the Concretes are just not the same without Victoria.

Then, she did some vocals for that Peter Bjorn and John song that I can probably never listen to again. But then, finally, Victoria Bergsman became Taken by Trees. I spent plenty of time listening to her on her website and falling in love with "Too Young" which is just so achey and good. Then there was that really good remix of it, which made me fall more and more in love with that song. "Sunshine Lady" and "Cedar Trees" made me want to cry, but not in a really horrible way. And that pun in "Tell Me" always made me smile a little. Open Field was just pretty much amazing. Victoria was still using her perfect voice but sometimes this was sounding better than some of the stuff she had done with the Concretes. So, forever ago, I decided she was perfect and that I could listen to her all the time.

Recently, she went to Pakistan where she made her newest album, East of Eden. Before she actually released it though I spent a really long time streaming her song "My Boys" until it seemed like I'd been listening to that song forever. Really, I'd just been listening to it for days. It's a cover of that Animal Collective song "My Girls" which I remember everyone praising and totally loving. But I just haven't really been all that into Animal Collective since a couple of years ago, and I like this version better.

Anyway, now that the whole album is out, I'm stuck listening to it all the time, all the time. And I don't mean "stuck" in a bad way, but I really just can't stop! It was so perfect for those last few days before going on break. "To Lose Someone" is the perfect opener, and feels almost like everything is about to break. But it leads to the next song "Anna" which feels a little more hopeful, and which I know Jillian listened to on repeat for quite a long time. I can't help but love "Greyest Love of All" because it is so soft and achey, and I love songs like that. Then, there's "Tidens Gång" which is in Swedish! I love Swedish! It is very simple, and I think that makes sense because Bergsman has said before that she prefers to write in English because writing in Swedish is almost too real/scary. "Watch the Waves" is less soft and achey but still really nice. And while I'm not so in love with "Day by Day" or "Wapas Karna" I still like the way they fit into the album.

Basically, I am really pleased with this new Taken By Trees album and I wish I had Victoria Bergsman's voice. I listen to her when I'm falling asleep in my super cold room under tons of blankets. It's nice.

Love, María

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sweater-Cuffed Booties & Other Fall Break Things

This weekend, before María and I went to New York, I had a skirt that was an Anthropologie impulse-buy that I wanted to return. The problem with returning things at Anthropologie is that there is always something else to buy! So, of course, I ended up exchanging my skirt for these adorable boots:

Aren't they wonderful?! They are so comfortable, and they only cost $40 more than what the skirt had cost, so I can lie to myself and pretend like I only paid $40 for them. I haven't worn them yet, because I break shoes in really quickly and I want them to stay new and pretty forever!

Basically, fall break so far has been all about shopping and delicious food. The same day that we went to Anthropologie, María and I also went to a bunch of other stores and bought other adorable things, like this one shirt I got (on sale!) at H&M with a big bow on the front! Bows are adorable. We even stopped by the men's section of J.Crew to get a birthday present, and it was hilarious because every guy in the store had a girlfriend who was picking out his clothing for him. They probably have the right idea, because most guys I know dress pretty horribly. I am just too lazy to force them to dress themselves well.

New York was basically full of naps, insanely cheap clothes from UNIQLO (I got a denim pencil skirt there for $20 that looks just like the one that costs $158 at Anthropologie), pizza, football, Chinese food, BFFs, diner food, and free drinks thanks to the Phillies! I definitely want to go back before the end of the semester.

I hope that everyone else is having a super-cute fall break, too!

Love, Jillian

Friday, October 9, 2009

Puppies and Stairs

Fall break has officially begun! This means that I have almost a whole week to sleep and slack off and be on Bryn Mawr's campus when it is even more deserted than usual, and then like two days at the end of the week where I freak out and don't sleep and do all of the work that I should have spread out over the entire ten-day break. Yay!

But that is not the point. Right now I am waiting in my room to go into Philly to go to this restaurant in the Northern Liberties. It is supposed to be delicious, and I am supposed to be going with a bunch of people, but I am still waiting to hear about which train we are taking. It is already 6:30 and I am starving, and anyone who knows me knows that I do not deal well with being hungry. I am even hungrier because this restaurant has Reuben sandwiches, and so all I have been thinking about since yesterday is how much I want corned beef.

There are two things right now that are keeping me from freaking out and going insane with hunger: the left-over cookies I took when I closed the cafe today (they are delicious, but they are a poor substitute for corned beef), and this precious video of a tiny little Corgi puppy trying to go down some stairs!

IS THAT NOT THE MOST PRECIOUS THING YOU HAVE EVER SEEN?!!?! It reminds me of when we first got Chelsea and she had never seen stairs before, so she refused to go upstairs for like the first week we had her. Plus, anything that can make me giggle when I am about to go into a hunger-induced rage must be incredibly adorable. I need that puppy! As soon as I have my own house, I am going to get a puppy. And a kitten. And a giant refrigerator full of corned beef for sandwiches.

Love, Jillian

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


It's really difficult for me not to love A.P.C. Every time they come out with anything, it's pretty likely that I am going to fall in love with it and then have to decide if it's worth it to spend 2 of my paychecks on one thing. It's so difficult to make the right choice! I am glad that Christopher shares my addiction. At least then, when new things are released, I have someone to complain to. Unfortunately, both of us always end up buying things because they are just so cute.

About 2 weeks ago I got an email letting me know that there was new stuff. Ah! How could I resist clicking ont he link and then staring at all the stuff for almost an hour? I couldn't. Obviously. It's okay though because I am so poor that I couldn't even convince myself it was okay to buy anything. I guess that means I have some willpower. Maybe. I will most likely just wait until everything goes on sale and then I will feel the need to buy stuff.

They also have their Madras collection, which always has more super cute stuff. There was a dress this summer that had monkeys on it. It's so cute! I also almost bought a romper from them. That's how sick going to their website makes me. My favorite thing right now is this dress. It's so precious! It's green and has all sort of adorable things (including ponies!) all over it.

Isn't it ADORABLE????? It definitely is! I love A.P.C. because everything they make is really cute and also really simple. It's also super comfortable and my dresses are always super soft. Plus, they make tons of things that aren't pants, and I hardly ever wear pants. If I had a precious boyfriend I would buy him all those cute A.P.C. sweaters. Or well, I'd hope he'd just wear them on his own. I guess for now, I'll just have to talk to Christopher about all the precious things that we want to buy and try to convince each other that spending all that money is okay.

Love, María

The Bakery House!

This morning, I got up early ("early," as in, before eleven) and walked in to Bryn Mawr to go to The Bakery House! It is this super adorable bakery at 640 W Lancaster Ave. that is full of cupcakes and cakes and cookies and banana bread and candy apples and all sorts of things that will probably give you cavities, but will also make you really happy!

I didn't even know The Bakery House existed until Liz drove us there last spring to buy cupcakes for the garden party that María and I gave (it was adorable, but we were too busy dying from how disgustingly hot it was to take pictures), and now I am in love! We are having a fall tea (basically a little gathering of Italian students and professors and anyone who is interested in the Italian department) TODAY, and I bought cupcakes from The Bakery House! They are going to be delicious, and I am probably going to have to cut them all in half so that everyone can have some, but it will still totally be worth it.

And now I will shamelessly advertise: if you are reading this and you go to Bryn Mawr or Haverford and you are remotely interested in Italian and/or eating free cookies and cupcakes with me, come to the tea! It's at 4:30 in the London Room in Thomas!

Love, Jillian

Monday, October 5, 2009


Ever since we started hanging out last semester, my friend Melissa has slowly but surely been sucking me into her obsession with all things Korean. I was able to resist when all we really did was watch Boys Over Flowers (I love the show, but it didn't make me want to fill my life with Korean pop culture), but when she introduced me to Korean pop music, I finally had to give in.

A perfect example of this is what I did yesterday. After going to brunch, I went to the library and did work for two hours. Then, I decided to go to the cafe and take a little break. I wrote my blog post about St. Vincent, talked to all of the cafe people who were hanging out in the cafe (we are all always there even when we are not working), and then I watched the video for "Lollipop" (2NE1, featuring BIGBANG) over and over for a full hour. I know, I am sick. But just look at how adorable it is!!

How can I possibly resist?! It is full of adorable, pretty girls dancing around in crazy neon clothes in front of a weird rainbow background. Perfect! I want my life to be just like that. Plus, I am kind of developing a crush on the one guy from BIGBANG who wears those really thick-rimmed glasses for part of the video. I also kind of like the one who has the little origami squares on his shirt during his little solo-thing. And now every time I am on my computer, I cannot resist the temptation to watch at least one 2NE1 music video. It is just like being in elementary school again, and being obsessed with the Spice Girls! María and Melissa and I have each already picked our favorites.

The moral of this story is really that K-Pop is super addictive, and you should probably just stay away if you want to have any free time ever again. I guess I should have put that at the beginning of the post, because if you just watched the video for "Lollipop," you are definitely already hooked.

Love, Jillian

Sunday, October 4, 2009

St. Vincent

I am in such a good mood today! I am in a good mood for several reasons. It is super nice and sunny out today, and it feels just like perfect, wonderful, San Diego summer weather. And I had a really good weekend that wasn't even ruined by the really awkward Haverford party I went to last night. And, most importantly, Maaaaaaggie said she'd go to the Andrew Bird concert with me that is coming up in October! This is exciting because 1) I have wanted to go back to another Andrew Bird concert ever since I saw him in January, and 2) St. Vincent is opening!!

St. Vincent is the moniker for Annie Clark. She is from Oklahoma and was raised in Dallas, TX, and she is super precious and adorable! I have always kind of liked her since her album Marry Me came out in 2007, but for some reason I have been super extra in love with her this semester. I keep listening to "The Strangers" from her second album, Actor, over and over again. All of her songs are just so pretty and wonderful!

I am really excited to go see her. Obviously it was fate that right after I became super obsessed with her, I saw that she was going to be playing in Philly with Andrew Bird, and even though it took me almost a month to find someone who was willing to go with me (people didn't want to pay the $25 for the ticket, I guess), it is now going to be totally worth it!

Also, I figure that I kind of deserve to go to this concert, since I am apparently already having horrible grad school dreams. I must have had one last night, because when I woke up this "morning" (it was not morning at all, it was like noon), I saw how sunny it was outside my window, which made me think that I must be in California, which made me think that it must be winter break, which made me think OH MY GOD I AM GOING TO BE LATE FOR MY UCLA GRAD SCHOOL INTERVIEW, I HAVE TO GET UP AND GET DRESSED AND RUN OUT THE DOOR RIGHT NOW, WHAT IF THERE IS TRAFFIC?!!!

Then, as I was flailing around/falling out of my bed, I realized that I am still at Bryn Mawr and it isn't even fall break yet, let alone winter break. But obviously UCLA is stressing me out in particular, since their application is due 15 December, when everyone else's isn't due until 1 March.

But anyway, listen to this acoustic version of my current favorite, "The Strangers," and see for yourself how adorable St. Vincent is!

Love, Jillian

Saturday, October 3, 2009

the About-Town Dress

Yesterday, María and I went into Philly because I had a sweater and a dress to return, and because I felt like going into Philly instead of going to the Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters that are closer to Bryn Mawr. When we were in the Anthropologie by Rittenhouse (the cutest one!, it is in an old mansion and super-pretty), I found this dress that I had seen online that reminded me of a dress Peggy (from Mad Men) wore in one of the more recent episodes. In the picture they have online, though, it looks a lot less precious than it does in person:

In person, however, the About-Town Dress is ALMOST the most perfect dress ever! It has a much more fitted waist, and the skirt poufs out more than it looks like it does in the picture. The reason that it is only ALMOST the most perfect dress ever is because it didn't fit me!

I got the size that I normally wear in Anthropologie dresses, and when I put it on, I almost couldn't believe that it had enough room for my shoulders (from the Slovak side of my family), but was still small enough that it fit my waist (from the Japanese side of my family). The only problem was that I could only button the first two buttons up from the waist, and then no amount of shoving and wiggling was enough to get the other to buttons to button over my boobs (from the Italian side of my family). And then when I tried the bigger size, I was able to button it, but it was super-huge on my waist and the shoulders were too wide to the point where they would have needed lots of expensive tailoring. It was really, really sad. My life is obviously really hard. But then I found the world's most adorable skirt ON SALE, so that made me feel better.

But seriously, words cannot explain how amazing this dress looks in person. I feel like a lot of the time, there are things on Anthropologie's website that look amazing in the picture and horrible in person. This dress was like the exact opposite! I wish I could have bought it, because I would have worn it every day!

Love, Jillian

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Talulah Gosh

Oh Talulah Gosh, what an adorable name for a band! Talulah Gosh supposedly formed after Amelia Fletcher and Elizabeth Price met at a club when they were both wearing Pastels badges. What an incredibly twee start! Eventually Elizabeth Price left the band, they got Eithne Farry to join in on vocals, and then they broke up in 1988. Then some of them would go on to form another band I love, Heavenly. But before all that happened they made some of my favorite songs ever.

When they broke up, I wasn't even born yet. Still, when I discovered them at fifteen, I was in love. "Beatnik Boy" is the most perfect song. With lyrics like "all my life I had a dream/of someone I'd like to meet/he would be mine, he'd be so fine/my beatnik boy so sweet" it is both precious and super heartbreaking. And of course, like all those other bands I love, it makes me wish I had a perfect boyfriend to listen to them with. There's also the song "Bringing Up Baby" which is of course about the Katharine Hepburn movie. And even before I was a Bryn Mawr girl (oh, wait, am I supposed to say WOMAN?) it was one of my favorites. "Do You Remember" is so sadsadsad and "Talulah Gosh" makes me wish I were that girl. And then there's "My Best Friend" which always makes me smile and then frown, especially when they sing "I'll give you my heart/I'll give you my heart/If you'll give me yours" Yikes!

Talulah Gosh were also cute enough to come up with nicknames. Amelia and Elizabeth became Marigold and Pebbles. How precious! When we finally start our band, I think we should have nicknames. Until then, I can listen to Talulah Gosh over and over and sing along and feel like it doesn't matter that I started all my homework super late, AGAIN. Or that I am writing this blog-post while waiting for my Linguistics class to begin instead of doing more important things.

Love, María