Saturday, July 18, 2009

Tiger Trap

Back when I was fourteen/fifteen I suddenly began listening to incredible amounts of Bratmobile, Team Dresch, Huggy Bear, and of course Bikini Kill. During this time I also made horrible decisions about my hair/everything. One day, while searching for more riotgrrrl/queercore stuff, I somehow stumbled across Tiger Trap. And as much as I'd like to say that Rose Melberg's voice magically made me want to stop ruining my hair, I can't. Instead, I'm pretty sure I bought the Yo-yo-a-go-go CD for a dollar so I could make something out of the cover.

I would then re-discover Rose Melberg's voice after I had washed off all the Manic Panic out of my hair once and for all. And somehow, I felt as if she had just been waiting for me. Tiger Trap, yes, I remembered that name. And I remembered these songs, almost. Then, after listening to "My Broken Heart" and "Supercrush" and thinking they were pretty perfect, I was suddenly in love with Tiger Trap. Plus, "You're Sleeping" reminded me way too much of my life, except it was less sad/more cute. And even though I was never one of those people who wanted to move to California, apparently it was full of cuteness, so maybe I should have thought twice. Of course, I am from Chicago and there are no winters like Chicago winters. And no matter how crazy it sounds, I sort of love those winters. Plus, Tiger Trap had disbanded back in the 90s, before I'd even discovered the Spice Girls.

But why hadn't I at least decided to love them a little sooner?! I had worn the same grey dress and Doc Martens for almost two weeks, so I should've spent all that extra time listening to these songs! It was too late for all that, but it wasn't too late to fall in love with Rose Melberg. I did just that by finding out everything I could about Tiger Trap, while listening and wondering how many times I had to have my heart broken in order to somehow start a band that was as adorable and noisy as they were. Eventually, I'd also love Go Sailor and The Softies, but those are other posts.

Now, when I listen to Tiger Trap, I still love each song and sometimes sing "Prettiest Boy" when I'm cleaning my room. And I'm still wondering, where my perfect fit puzzle piece boyfriend is.

Love, María


  1. There is plenty of cold weather and winter-ness in California, just not where I live. But that's why California is wonderfulllll, because it has everything!

  2. Well, I'm sure. But really intense winters and winter clothes DO exist in California. It's a common misconception.

  3. Well, duh. I know they exist there. But if you're from the Midwest you're not moving there for winters. You are moving there for fun in the sun and I don't know what. So, my point was that I wasn't looking for that.

  4. Midwest people + fun in the sun = hilarious. I think I spent a good chunk of my high school summers laughing at super-pale, Midwest tourists frying on our beaches or at outdoor restaurants.

    I am horrible.