Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Los amantes del Círculo Polar

Sophomore year, I told Allegra we should watch this movie. I already liked it, but then it became one of our favorite movies and we'd watch it all the time. Before writing this post, I was talking to Allegra on the phone, and I told her what I was going to write. She pointed out that I probably shouldn't just say this movie is "cute!" because well, it's also strange and not so cute sometimes. I guess that's true. But the real reason I'm writing about it is because, well, I really love it. Whether it's all cute or not.

I tried to find a trailer to post with this, but all the ones that had subtitles or were in English seemed really horrible. The movie is basically about 2 people, Otto and Ana, who meet when they're children and then all the things that happen in their lives as they get older. A lot of it is about how lots of things happen by chance and all sorts of coincidences. Anyway, I love it. The actors who play them as children are adorable. The actor who plays Otto is actually Julio Medem's son, and he is just so precious. All 3 actresses who play Anna are really pretty. Even when Najwa Nimri has that horrible hair, she's still really pretty. And of course, Fele is in it. AND they go to Finland because of the Arctic Circle! How cute is that?!

Then there are just all those moments in the movie that are too cute/heartbreaking to explain. And even though sometimes you feel a little confused, if you keep watching, it all sort of works out. Now, I know tons of people who really hate this movie. That's fine because it's not like I'm trying to write a review about it. This is Flower Farm and that's really not what we're about. We're about anything that is precious enough to make us feel like Jillian and I still have feelings. Plus, Jillian really likes things in Spanish, and I really like ugly almost cute clothes and this movie has both!

Love, María

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