Saturday, August 1, 2009


First off, I just realized this is our 100th post! That's crazy! I wasn't sure how many posts Jillian and I would be able to make before we completely forgot about this blog because we were too busy sleeping in Jillian's bed or watching Korean dramas. I'm joking. Well, sort of. Anyway, we love this blog and hopefully tons of other people do too. So we're just gonna keep going until we run out of cute things.

Cub were 3 girls from Vancouver who made cute cuddlecore songs. Their song "New York City" was covered by TMBG and suddenly everyone loved it. Cub's version is infinitely more adorable. The truth is that no matter how good you think TMBG are, no one can sing the cute lyrics the way Lisa Marr did.

Their line-up changed numerous times. At some point, even Neko Case was involved as their drummer. This is before she went on to make her own girl group and way before the New Pornographers and the heart-wrenching alt-country solo stuff. Their first album Betti-Cola, has always been my favorite for obvious reasons: it's the poppy-est. Their stuff got more fuzzed out and I think it would've gotten much noisier if they hadn't broken up.

These girls were known for their live shows, in which they'd toss candy to the audience! Adorable. Eventually they did break up though, and two of the girls moved to California, and began making some pop punk with Pepper Berry as the third member of their new band Buck.

But before that all happened they created all sorts of cute songs. One of my favorites is definitely "A Picnic" because, well, who doesn't love picnics? I have no idea. In fact, I plan on making a post about picnics and picnic-related things very soon. Plus, there are all sorts of cute lyrics in it. I know a lot of people who say their favorite song is "Go Fish" or "My Chinchilla" which is are really silly songs which always gets stuck in my head. I also love a bunch of songs from Mauler and Box of Hair and Come Out Come Out, like "Ticket to Spain", "One Last Kiss", and "Pillow Queen" There are really too many songs for me to list all my favorites, plus, I really love all their songs so it's too hard to choose.

These girls also loved covers. I really like their cover of Beat Happening's "Cast A Shadow" and The Go-Go's "Vacation" and of course Jillian mentioned how cute their cover of "Surfer Girl" is. There's also a Yoko Ono cover they did, which makes me think of our friend Melissa every time it comes on.

Basically, I love Cub. They are one of my favorite bands ever. I could listen to them all day, and a lot of the time I really do. And I figure that if they can make an adorable band, so can I. Now we just need to actually do it, and everyone else has to listen to Cub.

Love, María

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  1. I love your guys' blog! I don't think you'll ever run out of cute things...