Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Laura Marling

Most people probably recognize Laura Marling as former vocalist of Noah and the Whale. They're a band that I just never really got into, so that's not really how I came across her solo album. Instead, I found it while looking through Black Cab Sessions videos. I heard her song "Alas I Cannot Swim" and wondered what the rest of her stuff would sound like.

When I googled her name, I came across the video for "Ghosts." It is both adorable and strange. Marling herself is pretty cute, and perhaps that's why I wanted to listen to her music at first. Now that I've heard Alas, I Cannot Swim I don't think I am exactly crazy about it, but I do really like it. It is a really nice album to listen to, because her voice really works with the folksy-pop she's doing.

The best part about this album, at least for me, is the first part. It's much more simple than the second half, and that's why it works. "Ghosts" and "Tap at My Window" are definitely my favorites. Most of it, can easily fall into the teenage love song category, but I don't think that's a bad thing. It really makes sense since she was 18 when she was recording this. There are those songs that get a little strange and perhaps scary, like "My Manic and I" but it all happens in this almost innocent way.

Two of my favorite Laura Marling songs aren't even on the album. Sort of. The first is "Alas I Cannot Swim" (which is there as a hidden track) and the second is "New Romantic" in which she sings: I know I said I love you but I'm thinking I was wrong/I'm the first to admit that I'm still pretty young/And I never meant to hurt you when I wrote you ten love songs which somehow sounds 100x more adorable because of Marling's voice.

Love, María

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  1. my mom hates the song '5 years time' because it was in a commercial on tv that was on all the time and she said it was 'scary'... one time it came on when we were in a store at the mall and she had to leave.