Sunday, May 31, 2009

Tree Cups

It's been a while since I've written about one of my favorite people ever: Martha Stewart! She currently has a slide show on her website of tons of cute little things that you can make as party favors. One of my favorite party favors is the tree cups!

Teacups are already adorable in the first place, and they get even more adorable when you put little, baby plants in them! I wish the trees would actually stay that small, though, then it would be super-adorable. The instructions for making the tree cups are here.

Love, Jillian

Friday, May 29, 2009


Today, I went to see Up. Yes, it is a children's movie. Yes, I am almost twenty-one years old. But it was OH MY GOD SO ADORABLE and totally worth seeing!

Okay, so before the movie, there was an adorable little short movie called "Partly Cloudy," that was about storks that bring babies to houses. And not just people-babies, but baby kittens, baby puppies, baby everything. And each stork has its own cloud, and the clouds are all happy and make the baby everythings for the storks to deliver. Anyway, the story is about the stork who delivers the babies that are not so cute (but they are they way they're animated!) like alligators and sharks, and of course the ending is all happy and adorable!

The movie is, like I said, one of the most adorable things that I have ever seen in my entire life. I'm not even kidding. I cried five times from the cuteness, I counted. I don't even know how to describe how adorable this movie is without freaking out and using the CAPS LOCK key, so I will make a list of all the adorable things in Up. This movie is adorable because it has these things: cute kids, a love story, an old man, another cute kid, an adorable house, colorful balloons, a super-happy dog, a giant bird that likes chocolate, and ice cream. Plus, there were cute little kids and babies there to see the movie, too!

Disney movies are pretty much always awesome, but this one was amazing. Up is definitely one of their best. Watch the trailer here, and then go see it!

Love, Jillian

P.S. There was also a trailer for The Princess and the Frog, and it looks SO CUTE. It comes out this winter, and I am totally going to see it the day it comes out!

Thursday, May 28, 2009


María and I love ponies. They are probably the most adorable animals on the planet. They are TINY horses! The ponies in the picture are Icelandic ponies, which are even more adorable because they have extra hair and look fluffy. I don't know what else to say, the cuteness of ponies is pretty self-explanatory. Once, María and I went to a riding lesson with our friend Caroline and sat there and watched for however long the lesson was, just so that we could pet a pony for like five minutes after the lesson was over. And now that I have reminded myself of how insanely adorable ponies are, I really want one.

Love, Jillian

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hot Air Balloons

Today when I was walking Chelsea, I took her in this higher part of a canyon near my house where I don't always take her. It was cloudy, but I remembered that when it's clear out, you can usually see hot air balloons from there. And then I remembered that hot air balloons are adorable!

They are so round and colorful and cute! I've never been in one, but I've wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride for a long time. My mom bought my dad a hot air balloon ride for either his birthday or their anniversary (which means I was about to turn five or I just had), and I remember that when he got in the hot air balloon, my sister started screaming and crying, and I just really wanted to have a hot air balloon ride of my very own.

Hot air balloons also remind me of Julieta Venegas' music video for "Me Voy." The website won't let me embed the video, but you can watch it here. If I ever leave my hypothetical, loser, live-in boyfriend, I will definitely do it while wearing a cute, colorful dress, and pack my stuff up in an adorable little suitcase, and then get into my own personal hot air balloon and fly away to the Arctic and play with penguins. Obviously, that is the cutest (and therefore best) way to break up with someone. And, you have to do it all in Spanish.

Love, Jillian

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Facile Dress

My birthday is coming up, and so I've been spending a lot of time on Anthropologie's website, looking for a dress! Unfortunately, the Facile Dress, which was near the top of my list, is sold out in my size. But that doesn't mean that we can't appreciate how absolutely adorable it is!

I am kind of in love with the stripes on the skirt, and I think it's because they remind me of Neapolitan ice cream. It also comes in blue, with a dark blue top and a lighter blue skirt, but without the ice-cream stripes, it just isn't nearly as cute. Either way, it is basically the perfect summer dress--all of the fabrics are soft and light, and it's not all one color, so you can really just throw it on and not worry about having to add something to make it more interesting.

It's not completely sold out yet, so hopefully they will get some more in my size soon, since there are obviously plenty of other people who recognize how adorable this dress is and want to buy it, too!

Love, Jillian

Friday, May 22, 2009

My Maudlin Career

Since I've been home, pretty much the only thing I've been listening to is Camera Obscura's latest album, My Maudlin Career. It came out in April 2009, but I didn't get it until right before leaving school, and it is well on its way to becoming that one album that I listen to over and over all summer. The songs are kind of sad, but also super-cute! Some of my favorite songs from this album are "French Navy" (I know María really likes this one, too), "The Sweetest Thing," "James," and "Honey in the Sun." There are some adorable lyrics like: Are my eyes the coldest blue?/ You said once this was true/ If it is, I don't know what I'll do/ 'cause I'm stuck with them/ and they're stuck on you, from "You Told a Lie." SO cute!

Watch the video for "French Navy" here.

Love, Jillian

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Summer vacation has officially begun! I know that we've basically disappeared in the past few weeks, but they were full of finals craziness and now María and I are relatively sane again and have tons of free time to find adorable things and write about them! I'll be updating from Encinitas, CA and María will be updating from Chicago, IL for the first half of the summer. Hopefully I will have an adorable job (I'm applying at the Pannikin!), and in August we will be reunited in Pennsylvania in our adorable green house with our adorable kitchen and our adorable cat, Milo.

I know that there is no shortage of cuteness here, so look for an update as soon as this weekend, if not sooner!

Love, Jillian