Sunday, July 26, 2009

Paul Newman

My birthday was two days ago, and it sucked. It's fine though, because I wasn't expecting it to be wonderful or anything. I'm just sad that I turned 21 while throwing up everything but my internal organs. And not because I was SO DRUNK or anything, no. It's because I'm pretty sure I caught whatever it is my sister had. Jillian was kind enough to tell me I probably had swine flu, she called it "my birthday present to your hypochondria." How sweet. Anyway, it was basically no fun. BUT then I decided to watch Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and it was the least horrible part of my day. This reminded me just how perfect Paul Newman will always be to me.

Now, I love Robert Redford. He's Robert Redford, duh. But ever since forever ago I've thought that Paul Newman was the perfect man. The fact that I love Paul Newman a little more, Jillian loves Robert Redford a little more and we both love Jimmy Stewart equally, pretty much defines our relationship. When Paul Newman died, our friend Caroline and I were in her car and she said something like "Wait, I was supposed to marry him!" I felt exactly the same way.

Paul Newman is adorable in any movie he was ever in. Okay, at least to me he totally is. Because I'm sure someone reading this is thinking: Wait, he was not adorable in Sweet Bird of Youth or Cat on a Hot Tin Roof! Or this and that blahblahblah. But, whatever guys, he was still Paul Newman. Plus all those pictures of him and his wife are always really cute. And remember that part in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid where Katharine Ross wakes up to him being really adorable on a bicycle and then she gets on the handlebars? UM THAT IS MY PERFECT LIFE. I've wanted to be Katharine Ross's character forever. She had the best hair and was hanging out with Robert Redford and Paul Newman. Ah!

I love Paul Newman so much that I even watched all of Harry and Son one night just because he was in it. Truth. Then there's Newman's Own. Yeah, it's all about charity which makes Paul Newman pretty cute, but, also, who doesn't want to buy salad dressing that has a sketch of Paul Newman on the bottle?! Someone who is way more soulless than even me or Jillian, which is both amazing and horrifying. While I was telling someone about how much I love Paul Newman, they immediately said "Oh, but like, the young Paul Newman, obviously." Excuse me? Paul Newman just got super adorable as he got older. He started wearing those really cute glasses and wearing ultra-cute old man clothes. I LOVE OLD MAN CLOTHES AND GLASSES.

Now someone reading this is probably going to tell me about how they read somewhere that Paul Newman was a horrible husband and a functioning alcoholic and how my dreams should be shattered. Well, SHUT UP. Seriously.

Love, María

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  1. Pretty much agree with every word, and yes, Paul Newman was still sexy when he got older. He's the epitome of a perfect man... miss him so much!