Sunday, July 12, 2009

Outdoor Showers

Whenever I am at school, my inner hippie kind of has to go into hiding. This is partly because of the snow, and partly because the vast majority of people I go to school with would probably be frightened (including María). It makes me kind of crazy to try to control my inner hippie, but usually I can manage. However, my inner hippie started to fight her way out in May, which is when I started lecturing people about how we should all be nice to each other. Then, my inner hippie came out even more when Anisha came to visit and we went to a hippie store that reeked of Nag Champa and bought aromatherapy oils and I wanted to go see every psychic we passed by on the way (there is at least one psychic every few blocks around here).

Now, my inner hippie has basically taken over. This generally happens when I am around other hippies, and when I spend time outdoors. The beach meets both of those requirements. I would not classify myself as "outdoorsy," but every time I spend a significant amount of time outside, it makes me want to be outside more, and it makes me imagine how wonderful my life would be if I spent as much time as possible outside. Like if I could be outside whenever I took a shower!

I love outdoor showers! They are perfect and wonderful, because you can be outside and in the sun and they are not cold and damp and windowless like bathrooms usually are. And you could have a nice view and look at pretty plants and things while you shower! I would totally take all of my showers outside. Which is why I will eventually have to move back to Southern California for realsies, so that I can go to the beach and shower outside most of the year!

Another side-effect of my inner hippie and going to the beach a lot is that I become too comfortable with being in a bikini, and I stop being comfortable with being fully clothed. Which is sad, because even though I am going to have an adorable house when I go back to school, I will not be happy about having to remain fully clothed when it's hot out, and I will not be happy about being far away from the ocean. But at least I will be able to dream of my future outdoor shower and life of beachy goodness!

Love, Jillian

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