Saturday, June 27, 2009

Summer Cats

It's summer! Now is the perfect time to write about a band I really love, Summer Cats! They're a five piece band with an adorable name. At first, I thought they were a little annoying, I was ready to hate them. And then 20 seconds later I realized they weren't annoying, they were just cute and cuddly and upbeat and they made me want to go outside and dance.

Summer Cats make me think of that Smittens song "Good Migrations" which is a song I really love. In it, they sing about moving to all sorts of places in the Southern Hemisphere because then it will be warm and pretty during Hannukkah. I think of Summer Cats because they are from Melbourne and their music feels like it's all about fun things like nice weather and holidays.

This band is full of a bunch of things I love, including boy/girl vocals and tambourines. I love those! I also love kittens and summer and catchy songs. Perfect! My favorite song changes all the time. I woke up to "Lonely Planet" for two whole months. Right now, it's definitely "Burnt Toast" but that could change any second! I've been living off of a bunch of EPs and random songs but they've finally signed to Slumberland. Their full-length album, Songs For Tuesdays, will be released July 14th and I am positive I'll write another post so I can talk/gush about it.

Love, María