Friday, June 19, 2009

First Aid Kit

I've spent most of today cleaning my room and watching my dog be really cute. And now that I really have no plans and the power went out since it's raining and it looks like the end of the world outside my window, I figure it's a good time to update.

First Aid Kit are sisters Johanna and Klara Söderberg. They are an adorable Swedish duo that make songs with melodies that are full of almost peppy sadness. Their voices work just right with their lyrics which are touching and heartbreaking but never really joyless. They released their Drunken Trees EP in February. Seven songs may not seem like much, but it's the kind of EP you can listen to all day without even realizing it.

Most people first heard the sisters after they made this cover of the Fleet Foxes song "Tiger Mountain Peasant Song." The first song I heard by them was "You're Not Coming Home Tonight" and even though I thought I might cry, I wasn't sure that was a bad thing. "Jagadamba, You Might" is probably my favorite song of theirs right now. All their songs feel like itsy bitsy mysteries that you can't seem to figure out but somehow that just doesn't matter. In some ways they sound too sad to be Flower-Farm material, but they do all this sadness with such charm that I can't help but adore them.

It's fitting that most of the videos you can find of the two are of them singing in forests. Their songs are little storytelling adventures that are probably best sung in the woods. And yet they're also the kind of songs that you want to hear while tucked away in your house. They're pretty perfect for the kind of weather today except that the rain finally stopped and now I have to go face the humidity. Nothing is perfect for that.

Love, María

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  1. I think I watch their Fleet Foxes cover almost weekly, and have done so for like a year.