Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Hu Hu Hu

Natalia Lafourcade is all sorts of adorable. Even in all these ridiculous outfits for her new album, it's still true. Hu Hu Hu, is an album I've been waiting forever for. I first heard "Azul" sometime in January. When I realized it was Natalia, I immediately searched the internet for an album release date. When I noticed that it wasn't supposed to be out until May, I decided the next best thing was to listen to that one song 500 times every day. I'm pretty positive the girl who lived next door to me thought I was crazy.

Last week, I suddenly decided it was time to finally listen to the whole album. So that's what I've been doing for the past week and a half, listening to Natalia Lafourcade. I am in love again! I really really really love this new album. Hu Hu Hu is full of all these different bits that make it really great. To me, Natalia's voice has always sounded really tiny, in this really great way. It makes the really big music that comes with her songs fit just right.

I really do like all the songs on this album. That doesn't happen all the time. The first song "Cursis Melodías" is a great opener. It made me excited to keep listening. "Ella es Bonita" (the second single) is a song I can't help loving and singing along to. Plus, the video is really cute. "No Viniste" is really one of the saddest songs on the album but still one of my favorites. There are also 3 songs in English, of which I think "Let's Get Out" is my favorite. Natalia's accent really does make those 3 songs a million times cuter/better. "Hu Hu Hu" has Julieta Venegas also singing on the track; two adorable Mexican girl voices are better than one.

I recently read a really long review of this album and so I think it's time for me to stop gushing.

Love, María


  1. "I'm pretty positive the girl who lived next door to me thought I was crazy."

  2. I fell in love with Natalia Lafourcade when I went to Mexico when I was 15 and immediately bought her CD off of amazon!!! I'm so glad you alerted me to this.