Friday, June 5, 2009

Tamales for Breakfast, with Mirah!

Since I've been home, I've eaten tamales almost every day. My mom's friend, María, made us a bunch of tamales (three dozen!) that we've had in our freezer, and I have obviously been super-happy because of them!

Tamales are basically adorable little bundles of deliciousness. They are usually chicken, pork, or cheese with chiles, wrapped up in masa (corn meal dough), wrapped up in corn husk or plantain leaves, and they are probably the best food of all time. Sometimes they don't have anything in them but the masa, and tamales can be really different depending on which part of Mexico or Central America they are from. In Guatemala, tamales are a Christmas food! I would definitely be thrilled to get tamales for Christmas!

Because you're supposed to steam tamales, and because the ones we have start out frozen, I usually have about an hour in which to do adorable things while I wait for my tamale breakfast to be ready. So, I listen to Mirah, because she is adorable!

Pretty much every single one of her songs is incredibly adorable. She has this super-cute voice, so anything she sings sounds adorable anyway, and on top of that she has adorable lyrics! I keep listening to "Sweepstakes Prize" over and over because it is so cute! The opening lyrics are: You remind me of a firework, boy/ You touch the ceiling, you touch the floor/ You sparkle and burn, but you take your time/ and I bet I could carry you across state lines. "Person Person" and "Gone Sugaring" are also super-adorable, and they are all on her You Think It's Like This but Really It's Like This album, which is probably my favorite.

And now my tamales are ready!

Love, Jillian


  1. you forgot the most adorable part...she is based out of PORTLAND!

  2. uhm yo i don't know if you know this but like tamales take like two weeks to make ; )