Monday, June 22, 2009

My Apron!

I finally opened my birthday present from María, and it is super-adorable! I knew it would be, but it is more adorable than I expected! Of course, it is from Anthropologie and came with an adorable card in adorable colors. My initial reaction was "Yay! An adorable apron for when I cook delicious and adorable things in my adorable kitchen in my adorable house next year!" Then, as I was looking at it, I noticed that there was something blue embroidered on one of the pockets:

IT IS MY NAME EMBROIDERED ON MY APRON! How cute is that?!! That is why María and I are basically in love. It is perfect and I love it, and since it's kind of late here and probably really late there, I am making this blog post instead of calling María. So, thank you, María!! Plus, I got really adorable sunflowers from Morgan (thanks, Morgan!), but I am too tired to go back downstairs and take a picture. And lots of birthday wishes and phone calls and voicemails from people that I love! So, thanks, everybody! Twenty-first birthday, you are probably one of the most adorable birthdays ever.

And, today was also Father's Day, so here is an adorable picture of my dad and me!

Love, Jillian

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