Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Architecture In Helsinki

Lately I've been going through my iTunes and listening to bands that I haven't really listened to since high school or middle school, and then remembering why I loved them in the first place. Architecture In Helsinki is definitely one of those bands. They are from Australia, and they are adorable!

My friend Alex gave me a copy of In Case We Die in high school, and I immediately loved a lot of the super-cute songs on it, like "Do the Whirlwind" and "The Cemetery." I listened to them for a little while, and then kind of forgot about them until last summer, when I got their other two albums before leaving for Milan. It turns out, all of their albums are filled with adorableness!

Every time they release an album, the songs get more and more upbeat, but they still manage to stay adorable. Which means that Fingers Crossed is a really good album to listen to while cuddling or napping, In Case We Die is good for driving or frolicking or dancing around your room by yourself, and Places Like This is good music for really intense dance-parties. All adorable albums, all adorable activities! Their newest album, Vision Revision, is supposed to come out this year and, of course, I am excited!

Love, Jillian

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