Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I Was Told There'd Be Cake

One of the books that I got for my birthday from my incredibly long Amazon wish list was I Was Told There'd Be Cake, a book of essays by Sloane Crosley. I am already done with it! I basically read it in one day, but it was really less than one day because I was unconscious for a lot of yesterday. I had picked it out based on the cute cover and a tiny little review that I had skimmed, but it turned out to be super-cute!

Each essay is pretty much autobiographical, and all about pretty mundane but also weird things in Crosley's life. The essays kind of remind me of David Sedaris, but less exaggerated and less obviously trying to be funny. Plus, I could tell from the very first essay, "The Pony Problem," that Sloane Crosley and I basically have the same brain: "'I have something for you,' a guy will say on our first date. 'Is it a pony?' No. It's usually a movie ticket or his cell phone number or a slobbery tongue kiss. But on our second date, if I ask again, I'm pretty sure I'm getting a pony. ... I don't mean to hint. It's not a hint, it's a flat-out demand: I. Want. A. Pony."

Everyone knows how much MarĂ­a and I love ponies, so, enough said. The other essays are about things like summer camp, baking cookies shaped like your boss' head, and butterflies! Cute subjects, weird coincidences, and dry humor are the perfect ingredients for a fun and adorable book! Now I just need to find something else to read, because I am almost done with all of my new books already.

Love, Jillian

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