Thursday, June 11, 2009

Julie Andrews

If adorableness was a person, it would be Julie Andrews. Mary Poppins was the perfect character for her to play, because Julie Andrews really is practically perfect in every way! Even the Academy immediately recognized how adorable and perfect she is when they saw her in Mary Poppins, because they gave her an Oscar for it, and it was her first movie ever! I mean, how could they resist? She makes toys put themselves away and birds sing with her and she sings that adorable song about sugar and takes the little kids into a chalk drawing to go play!

Julie Andrews is also in The Sound of Music, which is basically the best movie of all time. She is super-cute, has adorable hair, makes her own clothes, and sings adorable songs! How could you possibly get any more adorable?! You can't! I have been obsessed with The Sound of Music since forever, and I'm pretty sure that most little kids love it. When my friend Morgan and I went to Vermont for a wedding, we stayed one night in the Trapp Family Lodge and it was perfect and wonderful! The only way it could have been more perfect was if Julie Andrews had been there with us.

Love, Jillian


  1. Jillian, someday I need to steal this archive of amazing Julie Andrews photos you seem to have stashed somewhere.

    p.s. I am catching up on reading your blog and it is making me smile. When I get back to the dorm, I'm going to listen to Bron-Y-Aur Stomp and pretend I am in a Prius in a forest with you.