Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Demeter Perfumes

Honestly, I've never been a huge fan of perfume. I think there's some scent or ingredient that is in most perfumes that doesn't agree with me, because most perfumes give me an instantaneous, horrible headache. Demeter perfumes don't! And, instead of being stuffy and overly flowery and generally gross-smelling like most perfumes, their perfumes actually smell like real things. One of my absolute favorites is "Honeysuckle."

The main reason that I love Demeter perfumes is because the scents are so accurate and realistic that they bring back adorable memories that you have associated with that scent. I think that's why I love "Honeysuckle" so much--it reminds me of the first elementary school I went to in Delaware that had this row of huge honeysuckle bushes along the edge of the football field to separate the playground from the forest. We used to go over to the bushes almost every recess when the bushes bloomed and pick the flowers and pull out the middle part to get the tiny little drop of nectar at the bottom, and we had to be sneaky about it because the teachers who would watch us during recess always tried to convince us that the flowers were poisonous. Obviously we knew that they weren't, but because of that we had to be sneaky, which only made the honeysuckle that much better.

Demeter's "Honeysuckle" smells so much like the real thing that I sometimes want to spray some on my tongue, but then I remember that it's a perfume, so it probably won't taste nearly as good as it smells. But I wear it every day in the summer, and think about how cute it would be to have a honeysuckle bush in my yard someday.

In the fall and winter, I wear the "Pumpkin Pie" scent every day. Something about cooler, crisp weather and changing leaves and Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up makes "Pumpkin Pie" smell a million times better than any other time of the year. "Dirt," which I like to wear in the spring, reminds me of being a little kid in Delaware, too.

Basically, Demeter's Fragrance Library is filled with amazing and unusual scents that bring back all sorts of adorable, happy memories! Some of the other scents that I really want to try are things like "Earl Grey Tea," "Christmas Tree," "Bonfire," and "Firefly." They all sound so adorable!

Love, Jillian

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