Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Girl Scout Cookies with The Smittens

I really don't like most cookies. I love baking cookies but I don't really LOVE eating cookies. Except certain kinds. Girl Scout cookies are one of those. They come in colorful little boxes and Lemonades look like cute lemon slices and they have yellow icing. I was never a Girl Scout but my sister was and so when I eat them I think of her and her cute little vest. So, when Jillian and I were walking out of the campus center yesterday and we saw little girls selling Girl Scout cookies we had to buy some. 

Later, I had to finally give in to the pile of work that was sitting next to me, and I was not happy. But listening to The Smittens is a good way to make me pretend that I don't have to do my work for 20 minutes. I love The Smittens. I love that they are from Vermont because in my mind I've made Vermont into a pretty cute state. Jillian and I even talked about how nice it is that Vermont and New Hampshire fit into each other just right. I like "Good Migrations" because if you know me, you know the story about how I was confused about why we didn't celebrate Hanukkah. I like "Sapphire" because it was probably the first song I heard by them and I fell in love! I also like how sort of sad "Magpies and Eccles Cakes" is and the line about milk and sugar in tea. And I like that their songs make me think of really soft dresses and warm clothes. See? I could go on and on. I've already said too much! But honestly, they are adorable. Currently, I can listen to "Momus, Where Are You?" over and over for way longer than anything else. And I mean I think The Smittens go perfectly with a Girl Scout cookie. Any cookie, actually. 

Love, María

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  1. Curious thing...my brother works with the lead singer of the Smittens. Curious...coincidental?...I'm not sure, but it's interesting...to me.
    Nice blog. Thanks for noticing and appreciating and sharing the cuteness out there. Cheers!