Saturday, August 1, 2009

Inari Sushi, the Inari Chemise, and Moving!

I got back from my baby road-trip to Las Vegas a couple of days ago, and it was wonderful! I basically decided to give up on pants, and I will instead just wear skirts and dresses and shorts forever, because buying jeans is too much effort. I stayed at my favorite hotel, the Mandalay Bay, and even though I got stared at by a creepy, middle-aged man in the elevator, it was still a good trip because I got to eat tons of inari sushi!

Inari sushi is probably one of my favorite kinds of sushi, and we went to this Japanese buffet and basically half of it was full of sushi deliciousness. Inari sushi is a little tofu-pocket that is fried in soy sauce and other things, and then it is filled with sushi rice! It is kind of like dessert sushi, because it's sweet. So is tamago sushi, which I also love, because when it is made really well it doesn't have that weird, eggy texture and it doesn't really taste like egg at all, just sugary deliciousness!

There is also a chemise at Anthropologie that is called the Inari Chemise, and it is adorable! Obviously, it is on my wish list and I am basically checking it every day to see when it will go on sale.

This sort of thing makes me think that Anthropologie doesn't just name their clothing after random things that they think sound cool, and that they actually know how adorable the those things actually are! I would totally sit in my bed and eat inari sushi in my Inari Chemise, and if I have a rice cooker at my house I am going to make it all the time.

I am running out of things to say, since I am officially moving to Ardmore TOMORROW and my flight leaves tonight! It will be hot and humid and gross and beachless there, but my house has air conditioning and an adorable cat and I will keep myself occupied by painting over the horrific blue paint on my bedroom walls and playing foursquare with Maaaaggie!

Love, Jillian

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