Thursday, August 13, 2009

Shoe Week!

As much as I love spending hours and hours staring at really expensive shoes that I can never afford on websites like J.Crew or Anthropologie, I also really like actually being able to buy adorable shoes and wear them. Surprising, I know. That is why I am really happy that stores like Ross exist and have cheap, adorable things that are even cheaper during sales like Shoe Week!

I know that it can be kind of annoying to have to search through really hideous clothing and piles of stripper-worthy heels to find adorable things, but I promise that the adorable things are there! For example, look at these super-cute shoes I found today for $13!

Plus, the boy whose job it is to stand by the door and greet everyone who comes in was super-adorable, and probably also still in high school. But whatever, the point is that not everything adorable has to be ridiculously over-priced! And now I have a new pair of adorable shoes (because I obviously really needed more shoes) that will make me feel happy whenever I wear them!

Love, Jillian

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