Friday, August 21, 2009

One Cute Website

For some reason, I randomly remembered this website called Orisinal that is full of adorable games I used to play when I was fourteen or fifteen. One of my friends (I can't remember if it was Morgan or Charmaine) showed me Pocketful of Stars, and I was pretty much instantly addicted. The animation for each game is full of adorable little animals and prettiness, and the music they use in the background is always really good. I remember that I always used to dream that someday I would stumble upon the sheet music for the piece they use in Floats, so that I could play it on piano.

My favorite games were definitely Snowbowling and The Amazing Dare Dozen, but I also really liked Rainmaker and Hungry Spiders. There are a bunch of new games since I last looked at the website (like, several years ago), and A Dog For All Seasons and The Crossing are super-cute, too! Basically, Orisinal is the most adorable way to waste time that I can think of, and since school is starting soon, it will probably be really useful!

Love, Jillian


  1. I totally still play games off of orisinal! my current favorite is Winterbells

    DEFINITELY one of the cutest websites in existence

  2. WOW I used to play this too (in my neopets days) but had completely forgotten!!!!!