Saturday, August 22, 2009

Gregory and the Hawk

Every now and then I stumble upon random bands for no apparent reason, and sometimes I actually really like them and that always makes me happy. Gregory and the Hawk is one of those bands. I guess it's not actually a band, it's Meredith Godreau's solo project that occasionally features musician friends of hers. Her songs are all mellow and adorable, and she has this tiny sounding voice that kind of reminds me of a little girl, but in a good way.

Of all of her folksy, acoustic, adorable songs (yes, I am still on my girl-folk kick), "Boats & Birds" from The Boats & Birds EP is my favorite. The lyrics are just too adorable for me to resist! When I think about my favorite lyrics in a lot of songs (like Slow Club's "It Doesn't Have To Be Beautiful"), it is usually the part that involves the ocean that really makes me go, "AAAaaaaaw!!" Example:

If you'll be my boat/ I'll be your sea/ A depth of pure blue just to probe curiosity/ Ebbing and flowing and pushed by the breeze/ I live to make you free/ But you can set sail to the west if you want to/ and pass the horizon 'til I can't even see you/ far from here, where the beaches are wide/ Just leave me your wake to remember you by.

Even though I got her two albums, In Your Dreams and Moenie and Kitchi, that EP is still my favorite. "Avalanche! Oh, Avalanche!" is cute and kind of quirky, because she is actually singing about avalanches in a completely literal sense, and "In Fact (the Carousel Remix)" is adorable because it is a break-up song, but not in the I-am-so-sad-feel-bad-for-me sense (the title-lyric is, In fact, you even broke my good tape deck/ In fact, I don't want to be friends).

I know that this whole cutesy girl-folk thing isn't for everyone, but Gregory and the Hawk is definitely worth checking out. I liked it so much that I actually paid real money for the EP and everything!

Love, Jillian

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