Friday, August 14, 2009


During my sophomore year, my uncle who is a Japanese professor and therefore really into all things Japanese (including being really judgmental about Japanese restaurants and their authenticity) told me about UNIQLO! It is a super-adorable Japanese clothing store that opened in SoHo in New York City a few years ago. If you combine the color selections from American Apparel with a little of the preppy style of The Gap (as in, The Gap from the '90s before the quality of the clothing went downhill) and throw in a little Japanese kawaii-influence, you get UNIQLO. And, it's not ridiculously expensive! How could that possibly be bad?!

Of course, when Julia and I went on a roommate date to New York that same school year (during free NJ Transit week!), we had to go to UNIQLO. We also went on a carriage ride in Central Park, and then went to this super-tiny, super-delicious, super-romantic restaurant in the Village after shopping, and we had wine and Julia bought me dinner and it was the perfect date except that neither one of us is a man. We also went to Longwood Gardens in December when they have all the Christmas lights with our other roommate, Kate, and that was also the perfect date except that none of us is a man. Then, Julia went abroad FOR A WHOLE YEAR and I have been pining away ever since and waiting for her to come back so that we can have more roommate dates.

But! That is neither here nor there, and the point is that I wanted to buy like a million things at UNIQLO, but I wouldn't have been able to carry all of the bags. And since there is only that one store in the U.S., I haven't been back yet, and that makes me sad. If any of you ("you" meaning all five people who read this blog) are in New York City, you should go! They have men's clothing, too!

Love, Jillian

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