Sunday, August 16, 2009

Mad Men

The season premiere of the third season of Mad Men is tonight, and that reminded me of how perfect everything in that show is!

I mean, I suppose that other than all of the amazing clothing, it kind of sucked to be a woman in the early '60s. Luckily, I am completely capable of filtering all of that out when I watch the show, and I can instead focus all of my attention on mentally willing all of the clothes and hairdos and shoes and brooches and adorable houses in Mad Men to magically become part of my life. It also makes me want to smoke and drink and wear red lipstick, but then I remember that I look horrible in red lipstick and that I wouldn't be able to function if I drank all day and the cost of a cigarette addiction would severely limit my ability to satisfy my shopping addiction.

Basically, Mad Men is supposed to be all about advertising executives in the early 1960s, but really when I watch it, it is all about Betty (a housewife with the most perfect husband ever, other than the cheating and secret past thing) and Joan (one of the secretaries) and the wonderful things they do and wear. Plus, it makes me really happy that all of the women in the show are either housewives or secretaries because being a housewife/secretary is my DREAM! Who wouldn't want their life to be just like this?!!

Or this?!!

No one, that's who. That is why I will definitely be watching the premiere when it comes on AMC at 10 tonight, and yelling at my mom and my sister to be quiet so that I can plan out my future wardrobe/life.

Love, Jillian

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