Wednesday, August 26, 2009


There are all sorts of really silly things that I do when I'm alone and have no real plans. A couple of weeks ago, while talking to Christopher, I went through some of these things. These thing are ridiculously particular. For example, I love to brush my hair while watching episodes of Twin Peaks. This doesn't mean that I love to brush my hair when I'm watching TV shows, not at all. I would never brush my hair if I was watching The Wire or later episodes of Dawson's Creek, but I totally used to do it while watching Party of Five. But nothing is as perfect as watching Twin Peaks and brushing my hair, I can't explain why I like this so much. Anyway, now I sound like I'm some crazy girl, but I'm sure everyone has little things that they do that seem pretty ridiculous to other people. And while I could go on and on listing these activities, I won't, for fear that you'll all stop reading Flower Farm. But the whole point of this story brings me back to the subject of this post, Lula.

Here's why: I love "reading" foreign magazines which I can't understand while eating pickles and painting my nails. My favorites are Russian magazines, it's strange. It is ridiculous for SO many reasons. First off, I don't speak Russian, I can't read Russian, I don't have any weird obsession with Russia like I do with Sweden or Iceland. I just LOVE Russian magazines. In fact, I once tried to convince a boy I dated to bring me back piles of them when he went to visit his family. That's how sick I am. (I'm pretty sure he declined solely because he somehow knew I did something crazy with them.) It's also strange because I like to mix these in with me reading things I actually understand like Italian Vogue, Jalouse, and Numéro. BUT I don't ever do this with American Magazines. EVER. And I only "read" Korean Vogue with Vogue Nippon and German Vogue. It's a scattered mess, but it's also a real system. And this whole pickles and nail polish thing makes me sick if I think about it. Plus, I need to balance everything so that nothing is ruined. It's quite a skill/mess.

Anyway, Lula is my favorite magazine, and it's not even Russian! I used to get really excited flipping through issues of L'Officiel Russia or Russian Vogue, but it is so much better when I am also flipping through Lula. That's because nothing can be as precious as Lula. The name is cute, the covers are always darling, and the last one had Chanel Iman on the cover! Of course Zooey Deschanel has been in Lula, I mean it's a given. But Lula is so cute that I even liked the spread with Kirsten Dunst. And the truth is that Kirsten Dunst sort of annoys me sometimes. But not in Lula, no! She looked adorable. I tried to think of my favorite issue or spread or anything but I can't pick just one. There are only 8 issues out (the 9th is out in September) so you should try to get your hands on one/some.

I also really like that Lula doesn't have 3000 ads. It makes me a lot happier. Plus this magazine is full of pastel colors and I can't help but love them. It's sick. Perhaps that's why I've decided that my new room is definitely going to be a light pink/peach color. It'll be like living in a grapefruit or with a My Little Pony. Personally, I love both, so I guess I can't go wrong.

The point of this whole post is that little silly habits aren't so cute, but when they involve adorable pictures of girls in amazing clothes, they can be. Sort of.

Love, María


  1. I didn't even know about this, you are crazier than I thought and I am impressed.