Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Hello Schoolgirl!

Lately our lives haven't exactly been full of cuteness, but things are gonna get better! That's why I decided to watch Hello Schoolgirl yesterday.

I've mentioned before that we're obsessed with this really strange/cute Korean drama. After discovering it, our friend Melissa and I became obsessed with finding Korean movies that were just as cute. I've wanted to watch this particular movie for so long now that I started to get really nervous about actually watching it. But I figured that I needed to watch something even semi-cute, so I started watching it with my sister on Sunday.

I'm so glad I watched this movie. It is SO cute! The Korean girls in the movie are adorable. I want their hair and their glasses and their adorableness. Plus, Yoo Ji Tae's character was so awkward and cute. The whole movie is just so precious. There's even a cute dog in it! I've wanted to post about other adorable Korean movies I like but I'm glad I wrote this Hello Schoolgirl post first. It's just that cute.

I couldn't find a trailer with subtitles, but here's one without them. Even if you don't speak Korean and are confused like I was when I watched it, I bet you'll think it's pretty adorable. I'm so glad this movie is incredibly charming and was just what I needed to take my mind off things. I am definitely making my friend Melissa watch it ASAP. And if you read this blog, I suggest you watch it too!

Love, María

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