Monday, August 24, 2009

Jóvenes y Sexys

I keep trying to finish my posts, but it's hard since I'm all over the place. I'm finally taking some time to just write a post and stop being stressed out. Here's a band I've been in love with for SO long. I've only heard 6 songs by them but they are definitely adorable and I loooove them.

Jóvenes y Sexys are Cheky y Loocila from Venezuela. They make super cute songs and are now living in México. Whenever people ask me about them I immediately say: Un montón de canciones chulisímas! If I'm speaking in English I just say: CUUUUTE SO CUUUUTE! But I'm positive that chulísimas is a much better word to describe their songs.

Their little Bruno EP was the first thing I heard by them. Then I found the song they did for Las Canciones de Maru y Roman, the sountrack for Voy a explotar. Just a couple of weeks ago, I heard the song they did for the Rudo y Cursi soundtrack. It's a cover of "Amor Platonico" which I'm pretty sure is originally by Los Tucanes de Tijuana. Now, I'm not a huge fan of banda, but I grew up listening to it at familiy parties and even though I don't like it, I don't hate it. But when Jóvenes y Sexys sing this song, it's just so perfect that I could listen to it all day. They even make the word cochambrosa sound cute, even though I know exactly what it means.

Their EP is also super cute. Half of it is in Spanish, the other half is in English. My favorite song is "Suerte" which is just so precious and quiet and makes me both sad and happy. "El Reloj" is definitely the sweetest song on the EP. Almost saccharine but not quite. And then there are the two English songs, one of them is a cover. And even though I know the song "Divine Hammers" by the Breeders, I like the Jóvenes y Sexys version better. The other English song, "Gold Day" also has joiejoiejoie on the track, it's not my favorite but I do really like it.

Basically I am completely in love with these two. I'm always waiting for more songs from them. But until that happens I'm just super happy I found them.

Love, María

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