Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the Volvo XC60 Commercial

Okay, so I know that a car commercial isn't something that would immediately strike people as adorable, but this commercial is for Volvo, so it already has a few adorableness points in its favor. That is because Volvo is a Swedish company, and as far as I can tell, Sweden is an adorable and magical land that is full of forests and mountains and twee music and people who have adorable clothes and adorable apartments and adorable dinner parties every night (proof: see our Blogs We Like section).

On top of all that, this commercial has plenty of adorable things in it, like an adorable couple and adorable music with lots of adorable hand-claps and adorable lyrics. Check it out:

Um, I totally want to go to a magical forest in Sweden where some random man (admittedly, he is a little creepy) will take me to a giant building where my Volvo is being assembled by a somewhat racially diverse group of exceptionally attractive people, and when they are done, my adorable boyfriend and I will be magically lifted up into our Volvo and we will kiss adorably (in silhouette) and then the random, creepy man will wave his arms around and bring our Volvo back down to the ground amidst pretty sparks and hand-clap music, and then we will drive off into the forest while everyone stands and watches and is happy because of how adorable we are in our car.

And then a giant caption will appear across the bottom of my life that says "From Sweden with Love," because HOW PERFECT IS THAT?! I know absolutely nothing about this car beyond the fact that if I had a few thousand dollars lying around, I would totally buy it. That is how adorable this commercial is!

Love, Jillian