Thursday, February 12, 2009


I love puppies, everyone loves puppies. But everyone knows that the kinds of puppies I love most are Westies. 

They are tiny and fluffy and tiiiiny and just so cute!

Jillian just wrote about how everyone should love how squiggly and cute states are and I agree. They really are! And although I love Illinois and I think it is an adorable state, I also love the state I was born in. San Luis Potosi: 

It looks like a dog! It's true! Everyone thinks so. Whenever I think of states I think of how cute San Luis Potosi is. I also think of how my mother taught me to remember it by telling me it looked like a puppy. Obviously this means that I am meant to love Westies and so I need to have one. It's fate.

Love, María


  1. okay, it's true, it really does look like a westie.

  2. Eu também amo westies estou pensando em comprar um. Pena que aqui no Brasil o preço de um cachorrinho destes é meio salgado!!!


  3. Just stopped to look at some westie puppy photos. Mine passed away yesterday and looking at the young ones makes me smile and reminds me how i got into this heartache in the first place. heh.