Sunday, February 8, 2009

Wants and Needs

Every time I open Anthropologie I have to remind myself that I am not a rich housewife. Since I am still a poor college student, I can't wear pretty dresses and bake cupcakes and fold laundry all day. And so, while I impatiently wait for my future self, I have to remember not to spend all my money on things that have bows or look like they are covered in sprinkles. Unfortunately, this doesn't always work. For example, a couple of months ago I wanted this dress:

And after looking at it every single day for about a month, Anthropologie made me buy it. I mean, basically. Right now, I'm pretty sure I owe Bryn Mawr College thousands of dollars plus I haven't even bought all my books (shocking!) and yet, all I can do is think of how much I really want to buy an apron. Yes, you read that right, AN APRON. 

Isn't it adorable? But I don't NEED it. I NEED to go to college, buy my books, pay interest on loans, blahblahblah. Except that because of college I currently cough every 10 seconds and have spent all my money on tissues. So right now, I'm gonna say I sort of do need this. I guess what I actually need first is a kitchen so that Jillian and I can work towards our life goals by baking. Close enough, right?

Love, María

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  1. I remember the day you wore the purple dress - it looked nice.
    You guys are crazy.