Friday, February 27, 2009

Tulips and the Bungalow Dress

My favorite kinds of flowers are yellow flowers because yellow is such a happy, cute color, and I think that my absolute favorite kind of yellow flower is the tulip. Yellow tulips look like little cups of sunshine and adorableness! What could be better?! Of course, when I think of yellow tulips, I think of how I plan on planting them all around the adorable little house that I will someday have, and they will be so pretty and nice to look at when I have people over for tea parties in my garden. Obviously, I'll need something to wear to my tea parties in my tulip-filled garden, and this is what I would wear:

This is the Bungalow Dress from Anthropologie, and when I found it online yesterday, all I could think was how wonderfully it would go with a garden full of yellow tulips and tea and little cucumber sandwiches. Unfortunately, the Bungalow Dress is a two-paycheck dress, and I am in the middle of saving up for a different two-paycheck dress that I am going to wear to the International Ball at the Naval Academy in April. But hopefully the Bungalow Dress will still be around (or maybe even on sale?!) after my next two paychecks, so that I can be that much closer to fullfilling my dreams of yellow tulips and pretty dresses and tea parties.

Love, Jillian

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