Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Baby Turtles!

A little while ago, my friend Alex sent me this adorable video of a tiny little turtle trying to eat a tomato. It is totally worth watching all four minutes and seven seconds.

Of course, I immediately sent a message with the video in it to María, and her response was "THAT IS ADORABLE. Alex is okay in my book now. Before I wasn't so sure." And what makes this video even more adorable is that it is a TINY turtle eating a TINY tomato, because we all know that everything is infinitely more adorable when it's miniature. This probably explains why I love cherry tomatoes so much in the first place, and when you combine them with little baby turtles, I can hardly keep myself from giggling uncontrollably and running out to buy my very own baby turtle and pounds and pounds of cherry tomatoes.

Love, Jillian

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