Thursday, February 26, 2009

Strawberry Fair and Raspberry Cookies

I've been in love with Strawberry Fair's music for quite awhile now.  Last year she released her Strawberry Fair Sings "I Can't Do Anything" EP and I was excited to have even more music by her. Strawberry Fair is actually the stage name of Swedish (surprise, surprise!) pop darling Jenny Franzén. Her music reminds everyone of 1960s girl groups, and that's really no surprise. But for me, her cuteness lies not just in her almost whiney voice and heartachey lyrics but in those moments when her music is jangly&upbeat and she sounds just shy enough that it can come across as adorably coy. The fact that there is a pretty good amount of clapping in her songs doesn't hurt either. "Football Star" makes me want to giggle and "Why Won't He Answer" makes me want to dance. Anyway, while listening to her EP this week and looking through Marta Stewart articles I came across these:

They're raspberry cream sandwich cookies and I think it was fate that I found them while considering a blogpost about Strawberry Fair. They are pink and cute and most likely delicious. I bet they are just the kind of thing you bring to a picnic besides a blanket and Strawberry Fair songs. Yeah, they're just right. And that's also how I feel about Strawberry Fair's music, it's always just right.

Love, María


  1. i don't know why you didn't mention her song "Kristoffer," or write about those chocolate malt cookies instead. god.

  2. Well I don't know about her music as I have never heard it but i can tell you that those ice cream cookies look divine!