Saturday, February 14, 2009


I don't think I like the way marzipan tastes, but when it's shaped like fruits I can't help but appreciate how nice it looks. The other day someone offered Jillian and me marzipan and of course I said yes when I noticed there were tiny pears and apples. And although I didn't want to eat it I still had to document the whole thing somehow. So I of course made Jillian take pictures of herself holding the pear.

Getting those pictures was much harder than you would think. First, Jillian couldn't stop laughing, then she looked angry, and then she made strange faces. Luckily, we finally got some good ones. After 500 tries. In the end it was worth it because now I can write this post about marzipan fruits. 

Love, María

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  1. why are the posts always of pictures of jillian? i want to see pictures of maria. in her BEDROOM.