Sunday, February 15, 2009

69 Love Songs

Yesterday was Valentine's day, and while I was working at the cafe, I decided that it would be adorable to play the entirety of the Magnetic Fields' 69 Love Songs.  It's a three-part concept album that they released in 1999, and it is full of adorable, wonderful songs.  Some of my personal favorites are "Absolutely Cuckoo," "The Book of Love," and "Love Is Like a Bottle of Gin," but our favorite by far is "Washington, D.C."  The opening lyrics are: Washington, D.C./ it's paradise to me/ it's not because it is the grand old seat/ of precious freedom and democracy, no, no, no/ it's not the greenery turning gold in fall, the scenery circling the Mall/ it's just that's where my baby lives, that's all.  HOW ADORABLE IS THAT?!??!!  María and I have decided that we want boyfriends who live in Washington, D.C. just so that we can listen to that song over and over and over again.  It's perfect!

Love, Jillian

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  1. surely you know that this song almost convinced me it would be a good idea to go to georgetown...