Tuesday, February 24, 2009


This is our 24th post and so I figured that since 24 is my favorite number (it's a pretty cute number, right?) I'd make it about one of my favorite things. 2/3 years ago my friend Christopher built a house from wood and yarn. Knithouse was quickly added onto my list of things I love and ever since then I've wanted one for myself. Wouldn't it be nice to have one of these in your backyard? I think so.

Of course knithouse was much more than just a cute house. In fact, I remember reading Christopher's proposal and hearing him talk all about it. If you want to read all about it I'm sure you can google "Would we slip away?" and you'll find something about Christopher and knithouse. But as much as I know about it, I love knithouse mostly because I want a colorful little house that's made from yarn. Maybe Jillian and I can get him to build us a huge one with our bakery/flower shop inside!

The other night I even had a dream about knithouse. That's how much I love it! In the dream I had finally convinced my friend to build me one and it was full of pillows and nice things. Somehow, I even lived in it! This was all great until I realized knithouse had a door and it was locked and I couldn't get my keys back from someone. Luckily, if I ever do live in an adorable house I'll make Jillian&Chris both keep an extra set of keys.

Sadly, knithouse is now gone and it's pieces are locked away somewhere. I ask Chris to build me one all the time, but apparently it took a lot of work. Once we even decided that it could be at my wedding and everyone would sort of have to wear sweaters. Okay, maybe that's too much and he shouldn't be an event planner. But one day I hope I can convince Christopher to build one for my children/ME. Until that day, I'll just stare at these pictures and come up with ways of convincing him to finally build me my own knithouse.

Love, María

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