Saturday, February 21, 2009

Siestas y fiestas con Nosoträsh

Originally I thought I'd make a post about Spanish indie pop. After talking to my friend Christopher though, I realized that although I don't ALWAYS like Spanish indie pop, I do ALWAYS like Nosoträsh. 

Christopher constantly points out that there is perhaps nothing more saccharine than Spanish indie pop. This is probably true. Sometimes it makes me feel like I am swallowing cups full of maple syrup and listening to baby animals singing. BUT other times I really can't help how much I love it.

I first discovered Nosoträsh when I'd been listening to La Buena Vida for days and wanted to listen to something that was cuter but that didn't make my head hurt. And so I found Nosoträsh. Their lyrics are just right. They are sound adorable and are actually sort of heartbreaking like with most indie pop. In "Arte" they sing about naps and parties and dreaming about someone being in love with you. How sad! How cute! The title "Tres tristes tigres" reminds me of a tongue twister I learned when I was little. Adorable!

Also, Jillian and I love naps and Nosoträsh is the perfect music for naps in the middle of the day. Plus, I imagine that if I were to sing in Spanish, I'd sound like Nosoträsh and not like Cola Jet Set. Well, I hope so anyway.

Love, María

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