Friday, October 16, 2009


In case you couldn't tell from my fall and summer season-posts, I think that baseball is pretty adorable. I am really bad about actually paying attention to it until the postseason, but then I get excited when I randomly catch a game on TV.

I think the reason I have so many warm and fuzzy feelings about baseball is partly because my grandma loves the Yankees more than life, and because of Maple Valley.

When we lived in Delaware, we would go to the Maple Valley pool every day in the summer. I was on their swim team for five or six summers (I can't even remember, I did it every summer), and after practice in the morning, I would basically just stay there for the rest of the day. We used to walk to Wendy's in giant packs to get Frosties and fries, or we would hang out by the picnic tables and eat pizza that people would order, and if it was cloudy or during adult swim, we would go to the field behind the deck and play baseball!

One of my friends in middle school's dad always had tickets to the Padres' games, so I probably went to every home game of theirs the summer between seventh and eighth grade. I've never felt any particular attachment to the Padres because people in my family all like the Yankees, so all I remember from those games is wandering around the stadium and eating too many hot dogs and thinking about how precious baseball uniforms are.

Something NOT cute happened to me last night involving baseball. Maggie, MarĂ­a, and I were watching the Phillies/Dodgers game last night, and two freshmen kicked us out of the Pem East TV room so they could watch some ridiculous show that they had "reserved" the room for. I think was called "Supernatural." I am too mad to look up what that show even is, but it sounds stupid.

This makes me angry for three reasons.

1)When I was a freshman, if I had walked into a TV room and seen that it was full of seniors (they know Maggie and I are seniors because we work with them), I would have just gone to find another TV, because THEY WERE SENIORS AND I WAS A FRESHMAN.

2) At Bryn Mawr, people put little notes on the doors to the TV rooms to reserve them for whatever shows you happen to watch. So, it's not uncommon to see little notes that say the room is reserved every Thursday or Tuesday or whatever, for an hour or so. However, it's fall break, so it's perfectly reasonable to assume that the people who reserved the TV room are not going to be using it, since the whole campus basically empties out every break and everyone goes back to New Jersey or Connecticut or New York or whichever super-close-to-here state they are from. I guess what I am trying to say is that during break, reservations are no longer valid.

3) Baseball games happen in REAL LIFE. Once they are over, that's it! I watch two TV shows regularly, but I just watch them an hour after they air on my computer in my room. Life is easier that way. Once a TV show has aired, you can still watch it later and it will still be interesting exciting. Sports don't work that way at all.

It was just really disappointing because we basically missed the best part of the game. When we got kicked out of the room, the Dodgers were winning 1 - 0. When we got it back an hour later, the Phillies were winning 5 - 1. In between, we were wandering around campus in the rain, looking for an available TV, and then sitting in Maggie's room constantly refreshing and screaming obscenities and imagining all of the horrible tasks we could give these girls at the cafe when we have them on shift (I actually still kind of want to do this) because we were missing awesome things.

But in spite of all the horribleness, the point here is that baseball is adorable. I guess I didn't do a very good job of explaining why, but it just is. Like last night, I didn't think that I really had a preference for either team, but then I found myself getting really excited and happy every time the Dodgers scored and getting nervous when the score got close. It is just really precious, and I am excited to watch the Yankees/Angels game tonight. And this time I'm not going to give up the TV room.

Love, Jillian

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