Thursday, October 1, 2009

Talulah Gosh

Oh Talulah Gosh, what an adorable name for a band! Talulah Gosh supposedly formed after Amelia Fletcher and Elizabeth Price met at a club when they were both wearing Pastels badges. What an incredibly twee start! Eventually Elizabeth Price left the band, they got Eithne Farry to join in on vocals, and then they broke up in 1988. Then some of them would go on to form another band I love, Heavenly. But before all that happened they made some of my favorite songs ever.

When they broke up, I wasn't even born yet. Still, when I discovered them at fifteen, I was in love. "Beatnik Boy" is the most perfect song. With lyrics like "all my life I had a dream/of someone I'd like to meet/he would be mine, he'd be so fine/my beatnik boy so sweet" it is both precious and super heartbreaking. And of course, like all those other bands I love, it makes me wish I had a perfect boyfriend to listen to them with. There's also the song "Bringing Up Baby" which is of course about the Katharine Hepburn movie. And even before I was a Bryn Mawr girl (oh, wait, am I supposed to say WOMAN?) it was one of my favorites. "Do You Remember" is so sadsadsad and "Talulah Gosh" makes me wish I were that girl. And then there's "My Best Friend" which always makes me smile and then frown, especially when they sing "I'll give you my heart/I'll give you my heart/If you'll give me yours" Yikes!

Talulah Gosh were also cute enough to come up with nicknames. Amelia and Elizabeth became Marigold and Pebbles. How precious! When we finally start our band, I think we should have nicknames. Until then, I can listen to Talulah Gosh over and over and sing along and feel like it doesn't matter that I started all my homework super late, AGAIN. Or that I am writing this blog-post while waiting for my Linguistics class to begin instead of doing more important things.

Love, MarĂ­a


  1. I love how we're seniors and still wondering if it's okay to say "girl."

  2. i love heavenly. i hate how there is this artist picture war on between fans of the twee heavenly and the heavy metal band heavenly.