Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Sweater-Cuffed Booties & Other Fall Break Things

This weekend, before María and I went to New York, I had a skirt that was an Anthropologie impulse-buy that I wanted to return. The problem with returning things at Anthropologie is that there is always something else to buy! So, of course, I ended up exchanging my skirt for these adorable boots:

Aren't they wonderful?! They are so comfortable, and they only cost $40 more than what the skirt had cost, so I can lie to myself and pretend like I only paid $40 for them. I haven't worn them yet, because I break shoes in really quickly and I want them to stay new and pretty forever!

Basically, fall break so far has been all about shopping and delicious food. The same day that we went to Anthropologie, María and I also went to a bunch of other stores and bought other adorable things, like this one shirt I got (on sale!) at H&M with a big bow on the front! Bows are adorable. We even stopped by the men's section of J.Crew to get a birthday present, and it was hilarious because every guy in the store had a girlfriend who was picking out his clothing for him. They probably have the right idea, because most guys I know dress pretty horribly. I am just too lazy to force them to dress themselves well.

New York was basically full of naps, insanely cheap clothes from UNIQLO (I got a denim pencil skirt there for $20 that looks just like the one that costs $158 at Anthropologie), pizza, football, Chinese food, BFFs, diner food, and free drinks thanks to the Phillies! I definitely want to go back before the end of the semester.

I hope that everyone else is having a super-cute fall break, too!

Love, Jillian

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