Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Andrew Bird w/ St. Vincent at the Electric Factory

On Sunday night, Maggie, Zanny, and I went to Andrew Bird's concert at the Electric Factory in Philly! It was pretty awesome. I have really wanted to go to another Andrew Bird concert ever since I saw him back in January/February (I can't remember which month it was, because it was either right at the end of January or the very beginning of February), and the fact that he is now touring with St. Vincent gave me a reason to go.

St. Vincent played all of the songs we wanted her to play ("Now, Now," "The Strangers," and "Actor Out of Work"), and obviously Andrew Bird was just as precious as he always is and did a lot of that adorable little head-shake/nod thing he does all the time. But probably the best part was when he brought St. Vincent and her band all back on stage and they played the most amazing version of "Scythian Empires," complete with flutes and clarinets and tons of adorableness.

I know I have a lot of friends who think that Andrew Bird is their perfect man and that they are going to marry him (at least four), but it was just really obvious that Andrew Bird and Annie Clark are totally in love. Before he had her come back out on stage to play "Scythian Empires," he made this little speech about how this has been the best tour ever because he gets to hang out and "jam" with Annie, and then for the encore, he brought out St. Vincent again, and they played "Marry Me" together while totally staring at each other. She may as well have changed the lyrics to "marry me, Andrew." So, sorry everyone. They are probably going to get married and have tons of super-skinny, musically gifted babies.

Love, Jillian