Saturday, October 3, 2009

the About-Town Dress

Yesterday, María and I went into Philly because I had a sweater and a dress to return, and because I felt like going into Philly instead of going to the Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters that are closer to Bryn Mawr. When we were in the Anthropologie by Rittenhouse (the cutest one!, it is in an old mansion and super-pretty), I found this dress that I had seen online that reminded me of a dress Peggy (from Mad Men) wore in one of the more recent episodes. In the picture they have online, though, it looks a lot less precious than it does in person:

In person, however, the About-Town Dress is ALMOST the most perfect dress ever! It has a much more fitted waist, and the skirt poufs out more than it looks like it does in the picture. The reason that it is only ALMOST the most perfect dress ever is because it didn't fit me!

I got the size that I normally wear in Anthropologie dresses, and when I put it on, I almost couldn't believe that it had enough room for my shoulders (from the Slovak side of my family), but was still small enough that it fit my waist (from the Japanese side of my family). The only problem was that I could only button the first two buttons up from the waist, and then no amount of shoving and wiggling was enough to get the other to buttons to button over my boobs (from the Italian side of my family). And then when I tried the bigger size, I was able to button it, but it was super-huge on my waist and the shoulders were too wide to the point where they would have needed lots of expensive tailoring. It was really, really sad. My life is obviously really hard. But then I found the world's most adorable skirt ON SALE, so that made me feel better.

But seriously, words cannot explain how amazing this dress looks in person. I feel like a lot of the time, there are things on Anthropologie's website that look amazing in the picture and horrible in person. This dress was like the exact opposite! I wish I could have bought it, because I would have worn it every day!

Love, Jillian

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