Sunday, September 27, 2009

Restaurant Week: Time

Our last restaurant of Philly Restaurant Week was on Friday, and that makes me sad! But Time was totally delicious and wonderful, and it was a good ending to our Restaurant Week adventure.

María and I weren't huge fans of the atmosphere (it was so dark that we didn't even bother trying to take pictures), but the food was SO INCREDIBLY GOOD. Thinking about the Free Range Chicken (sweet corn and bacon stuffed leg, red cabbage puree, sautéed fingerling potatoes) is making me drool right now. They also had a really delicious risotto with mussels in it. I can't write about the food anymore because it is making me way too hungry.

I would definitely go back to Time. I wish I could eat delicious food like theirs every day of my life! Plus, they had a jazz trio playing when we were there, and jazz makes me really happy. Hopefully, after I return my weird-fitting-and-insanely-expensive Anthropologie sweater, I will once again have enough money to go to more restaurants in Philly!

Love, Jillian

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